Sunday, August 5, 2012

$1 Ice Cream and $0.38 Pepsi

At 10:30 PM on Saturday night, sweaty and hot and exhausted from my day, I stopped into Price Chopper to pick up three more things before the clock struck midnight and sales changed.

You see, I forgot to bring the Facebook coupons with me while grocery shopping earlier in the week.  And I really really wanted to pick up two half gallons of Breyers coffee ice cream for just $1 each.  I had the coupons with me and just made sure Pchop was on my way home.

Honestly, I might start doing all my shopping after 8PM.  No one was even in the store and it was so fabulous!

Purchased (in two transactions)...
(2) Breyers half gallon ice cream  reg. $4.29, sale $3.50
- (1) FB coupon $2/ea
- (1) $0.50/1 print coupon
= OOP $1/ea
~ Saved 77%

(1) Caf Free Diet Pepsi  reg. $1.67
- (1) $0.38/ea Shop Rite coupon
= OOP $0.38
~ Saved 77%

Totally worth a quick detour into Price Chopper after 10 PM!

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