Monday, September 5, 2011

Babies Are Expensive But Coupons Make A Difference

So I ran into a sweet gal who was patiently waiting behind me and my coupon madness Saturday night in Walmart.  Now for the record, I was super organized.  But as we all know, sometimes things pan out and sometimes they don't.  It all comes down to the cashier.  And while the guy was very nice to me, he was sllllooooowww and not familiar with my coupons. 

But in the end, I held fast and was rewarded with getting all of this baby formula for a $3.08 PROFIT!  Seriously. 

I have been saving these baby formula coupons for a while now.  To the extend that sadly, four of them expired a few days before I thought to use them.  Ugh I loathe when that happens!  But my Junior League is collecting baby diapers, wipes and formula to support local Hurricane Irene victims.  So I was cashing in all of my baby stuff coupons for our baby drive.  I do not have a baby (salt...wound...sniff) but I signed up thinking I would give donations to my local food pantry.  And I do usually.  But my JLA drive takes priority at the moment. 

So the sweet gal behind me asked me where I got all of the coupons.  And actually, I wasn't entirely sure.  I know I signed up for most of them (these were all mailed to me) when I first started couponing.  I was not keeping notes on things back then (not that I really keep many notes now but at least I have a better point of reference these days).  So I've done some digging.  As I find more baby coupons, I will update this post. 

Gerber coupons- sign up via email.  See all those cans of Gerber formula?  That's only a fraction of what I've been able to buy for cheap and sometimes FREE with the coupons they mail to me after you fill in your information online.  A GREAT resource!

Similac couponsSign up here.  See those big things of Similac formula?  Those were actually better than FREE.  I have others with a pink top that were @$0.50 after coupons.  They've sent me a few samples too- though I am not sure if that was a special at the time or if they do it for everyone.  Worth signing up either way. 

Enfamil couponsSign up here.  Like Gerber and Similac, Enfamil sends awesome coupons!  These were the ones that were expired this shopping trip.  Sadly.  But they would have made for very inexpensive formula.

$5/$25 Pampers Diapers coupon.

Johnson's baby goods coupons.

Huggies.  It looks like there is only a deal for those able to shop at a commissary.  But perhaps they update with other coupons now and then?  I'll have to check back and update is I see more deals on here. 

Another resource for great, high value coupons is from all the freebies I post on here.  Sign up to get a sample of various products like diapers and wipes and baby foods sent to you and they usually come with coupons too.  This includes all the magazines.  I only ever post magazines if they are truly free.  But there are often lots of great coupons between those glossy pages. 

The Sunday papers frequently have baby coupons.  Ask your neighbors to save those for you if they don't have babies and you do.  I can't imagine anyone refusing to give you coupons if they are not going to use them anyway. 

Amazon often runs one day sales on things like diapers, wipes and baby foods such as those squeeze things.  I will try to be better about posting those deals when I spot them.  But keep your eyes open if you are looking for something specific.  Amazon super sale prices are great but tend to end without warning after they sell a certain volume of product. 

My mecca, Target, offers great coupons.  Remember that at Target, you can use a Target store coupon AND a manufacturer coupon on the same item.  Stack up those savings, baby!  Ditto at Rite-Aid and Walgreens and CVS.  Do note though that sometimes the coupons posted at store sites (such as Target), are actually manufacturer instead of store coupons.  This is good because you can use them anywhere but it means you can't stack it with another manu coupon at Target.

And finally (for now...), make sure you're using Swagbucks instead of Google.  Why?  OMG if you have to ask why...  No, I kid.  But seriously, Swagbucks rocks my pink socks.  Sign up following this link.  Then download the toolbar.  Instead of doing a google or other similar search, just use Swagbucks.  You earn points when you do searches (and daily polls and use coupons and download the toolbar, etc).  Then you can cash in those points for gift cards to places like  Use your gift cards to buy diapers or really anything you like. 

I hope this was helpful.  As I find more baby item coupons, I will be better about posting them here on this blog.  But please always feel free to send me an email. 

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