Saturday, December 31, 2011

For Foodies and Fashionistas and Home Designers Alike

OK so I just found the most fun deal site ever, SNEAKPEEQ!  It's a little like Ruelala, but geared towards home items, clothing and food.  I just signed up and earned an automatic $10 credit.  Then bought four gift certificates for free containers of Talenti sorbetto.  OMG this stuff is Ah-Maz-Ing and they sell it in Fresh Market, among other grocery stores.  After my credit, I paid just $7.  Total.  Making each container of sorbetto or gelato, normal in the $5-6 range, just $1.75 each!  I am soooo excited!

Not into gelato and sorbetto, after the $10 credit, these chocolates are just $2!

This stunning 5x7 rug is just $37! 

These skinny jeans (my new clothing obsession) are just $22 after your credit!

So many fun options!  Here's how it works...

After you sign up with SneakPeeq and earn your $10 credit, look around.  You have to "peeq" at the prices and earn points that way.  Points translate into credits.  You are given a limited amount of peeqs in the beginning and earn more as time goes on.  And they reset every day.   Like Rue, new sales pop up each day.

I really have done so well with these deal type websites.  I love snagging great items at ROCK BOTTOM prices!  And the best part is that they are sent right to my home.  No driving in snow necessary.  Well...if we ever get any snow this year.

Click any of the images or links to sign up to earn your free $10 credit and start peeqing and shopping.  It's fun to just look around at the fun deals they have each day. I'm so excited about SneakPeeq- great deals and a fun take on the run of the mill daily deal site formula.

$5/$25 At CVS

Be sure to check your email and/or CVS account.  I received an email yesterday from CVS with a $5/$25 coupon.  I LOVE these coupons as they really make deals so much sweeter at CVS.  So go forth and double check your inboxes, my frugal friends.  And if for some reason you are not yet signed up to get emails from CVS, get yourself on top of that.  They really only send emails once in a while with these great coupons.  Not much else comes my way from them.  So worth the 45 seconds it takes to sign up!

Friday, December 30, 2011

CVS Nivea Lip Care Money Maker

Aaaah Blogger!  You're killing me!  I have like five posts that never posted this week.  This one is still relevant though so be sure to make note...

After all the Nivea deals lately, I need more like a hole in the head.  So I am not printing the new $1/1 coupon out today.  However, if all goes according to plan (and honestly....we all know it rarely does...ha!), I will be picking up four more at CVS on Sunday. 

CVS Deal idea:
(4) Nivea Lip Care 2/$5
-(2) $3/2 Nivea coupon 01/01/12 RP
= out of pocket $4, earn $5 ECB (limit 1)
**$1 Money Maker!!

If you have some ECB's you are looking to roll or just want to stock up on a favorite product (I actually adore this lippy and use it daily), this is a fantastic deal idea.  Let's just hope we all get the expected coupon.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

2 Day Price Chopper Sale

Click the image to print out some of these awesome Price Chopper coupons!  I need to look tonight to see if I have Bounty/Charmin coupons to make that deal even sweeter.  The donuts are an amazing deal too if you are looking for a breakfast treat.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Epic Fail

OK so I just have to share this in an effort to keep things honest around here. 

I don't know when, probably some time in April-ish, I figured out what I wanted to do for my family's Dirty Santa (aka Santa Game, aka Yankee Trade, aka White Elephant, etc depending on what part of the country you live in) Game this year.  I planned and plotted to do a big bag full of girly things.  But use coupons to get things at a great price, of course.  To not spend above our set limit but hopefully make the gift bag value much greater than the set limit. 

I thought I had a great idea.

So the gift included all sorts of things from several bottles of nail polish, files, and do dads.  Olay face cloths, body wash, and make-up remover.  One of those big Finish dishwasher things that hang in the dishwasher.  One of the hands free Lysol hand soap kits.  A motion activated room spray.  My favorite JR Watkins lotion (my FAVORITE).  And a dozen other fun things.  I think my estimated value was over $75 (our limit to spend is in the $25 range).  It was pretty much a drug store in a bag.  But it had a mix of useful things and things that are useful but pricey that we would never typically buy.

Let me just tell you that the gift went over like a lead balloon.  Ha!  Everyone thought I just cleaned out my closet.  And thought it was the strangest gift ever concocted. 

In my mind, it made sense.  Had a theme.  Geared towards women.  Was useful.  But also fun.

Um...I was so the only person who could see all that. 

On the other hand, I gave this slightly different and smaller version of the same gift theme to my neighbor who kindly gives me her coupons each week.  She LOVED it.  Like was so excited about all the fun little treats inside.

So the moral of the story is, you win some and lose some in life.  On Thursday, this gift was a winner winner chicken dinner.  On Sunday, big fatty epic failure. 

Can't win 'em all!

Oh and from the Dirty Santa Game, I came home with a big bottle of Apple Pie Moonshine.  I had to steal it too.  So worth it- totally delish over ice!

Merry Christmas, y'all!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

One Lonely Deal and Answers

First things first....  Please accept my apologies.  I am just not going to be on here much this week.  I am in the middle of the first of three huge projects.  Oh and Christmas is in there too.  I have yet to even clip the coupons from two Sundays ago.  Gasp!

Second....  My favorite CVS.  It's in Latham, next to the Lowes.  I live closest to the ones in the Atrium but I don't like that one at all.  The store and the employees are not exactly my favorites.  But in general, I find CVS employees to be the most well versed on coupons and the stores to be well stocked.

Third...  I will do a post about the details at some point, but I do not shop at Walgreens.  I have had too many wretched experiences there and it just is not worth it in my book.  I think their customer service, from the store on up to corporate, is hands down the worst.  Worse than Walmart.  I also don't like their rewards system.  Or specifically the rules on coupons to items purchased.  I don't want to have to buy junky crap to use a coupon.  Not cool.

Fourth...  So far this is the only deal I have done this week.  I need to find a few at CVS though as I have ECB's expiring at the end of this week.  Gah!  I have no time.  But I was happy to get this Lysol kit from Rite Aid today.  The cashier was suspicious of the VV coupon though.  I was like, it's from your own website!  Ha.  Anyway, I was happy.  I wanted one of these to use in a Christmas gift and was hoping to find a deal this week.  Yay!

Lysol Hand Soap Kit  reg. $14.99, sale $7.99
- (1) $0.75/1 print coupon
- (1) $5/1 Rite Aid Video Values coupon
= Paid Out Of Pocket $2.24
~ Earned $3 + up Reward

Today, come hell or high water, I will finish the one of the three projects.  Or finish it enough to let me enjoy my holiday anyway.  I hope! 

I also have to...gulp...go to the mall.  Every year, I try my hardest to never set foot in a mall to do holiday shopping.  This year, because Lands End sent me the wrong item though, I have to break my mall fast.  Sad sad sad.  And scary.  Scary that I have to set foot in a mall this close to Christmas.  Wish me luck!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Coke, Zhu Zhu Pets and CVS Coupons

What sort of Coke coupon did y'all get yesterday at CVS?  Bloggers were saying they received 3 12-packs for $8 coupons.  Mine was 2 for $6.  Which is still a decent deal.  But not quite as great as the 3 for $8.  Oh well.  I wanted Diet Coke so I was happy to get a deal.  Sad though to find a coupon for $1/2 Coke at the second CVS I went in.  So after I purchased the Coke.  Ha.  Always something, right?

I went to four CVS stores hoping against all odds to get another Pro Nutrients deal.  I didn't realize earlier n the week that the $5 red machine coupon would be produced once each day.  Ah!  Sad sad sad.  That was such a great deal to roll just a few ECB's after all the coupons to earn a gift card.  Live and learn.  Because all the stores were long sold out. 

They were also all out of the Zhu Zhu pets.  So I still have no idea what those are.  But my favorite CVS store (and the fourth that I went to today) was so nice to honor the $0.99 CVS red machine coupon on anything else Zhu Zhu.  I picked up this lunch box and will keep it for the fall when my Junior League typically does some sort of back to school drive.  I personally think it's ugly as sin but I'm not five, so what do I know.

FREE Lippy

Oooh this is a fun one, y'all!  A little holiday treat to give or keep.

Click the image above and "like" Yes To Carrots on Facebook.  Then print the $3/1 Walmart only coupon.  They sell for about $3, give or take a few pennies, at Walmart.  So FREE!

So I finally convinced my father to give body wash a try instead of bar soap.  Seeing as how I can score bags of free body wash every month.  The man is set in his ways.  Loves himself a bar of soap.  And that's fine I guess.  But bar soap leaves the entire shower just so gross.  It clings to the tub and holds on to dirt.  Have you ever noticed that? 

Anyway, he begrudgingly agreed to try body wash for a week to stop my nagging.  And a few months later, he agrees that it is better than bar soap.  Wishes it came unscented, but does like it.  And on that topic, what is up with the heavy scents of all the boy products on the market?  They are all SOOO strong.

Back to the body wash though.  He likes it.  But doesn't like that you have to balance the bottle upside down after a certain point to easily get the soap out.  I came up with an easy peasy solution though.  That I am definitely going to do for myself now too.

I washed out an empty lotion pump bottle.  I didn't use soap- just hot water.  And pumped hot water through the pump until it came out clear.  Then squeezed in the body wash.  Screwed the pump top back on and you are good to go.  Easy to use body wash every morning!  At no extra cost to me.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Paper Towels And Pasta Sauce

I needed a few baking products today so I had to run into Price Chopper.  Ah- I try hard not to go on weekends, especially during the day.  But a need is a need.  The marshmallows aren't going to make themselves!

The PChop I visited early in the week has had the Advantage Card machine out of use for a few weeks now.  Thankfully, this PChop today was functioning so it gave me the much talked about Sparkle coupon.  Yay!  I was low on paper towels and I much MUCH prefer the select-a-size varieties.  I feel like I waste less.  I also had one more of the Wolfgang Puck pasta sauce coupons.  As expected (yay!), it produced a $0.75 catalina that I rolled in my second transaction.  Woo hoo!

Since I put everything away and the sales end in a few hours, here are only these two items highlighted.  They were done in separate transactions as I did two transactions today.  That's the most I can get away with, unlike the TLC show. 

Purchased ...
(1) Wolfgang Puck Pasta Sauce  reg. $2.79
(2) Sparkle Paper Towels  reg. $7.49, sale $5

Minus ...
- (1) $1/1 Wolfgang Puck pasta sauce
- (1) doubler
- (1) $2/2 Sparkle Paper Towels Price Chopper Advantage coupon
- (2) $1/1 Sparkle Paper Towels print coupons
- (2) doublers

Pasta Sauce original price, $2.79.  After coupons, $0.79.  Earned $0.75 on your next order catalina!

Sparkle Paper Towels original price $7.49.  After sale and coupons, $2/each. 

My joy as a result of buying select-a-size paper towels at such a great price is inappropriately high.  Ha!  Sad but true couponing tales from my pantry to yours.

Don't Buy Extra Papers

There will be NO coupon inserts in the Sunday paper this week.  So save your pennies and use the time to organize coupons or get ready for Christmas.  Or if you are like me, both!

CVS Money Makers

I just realized I never posted about my CVS trip from Sunday.  Let's see if I can remember the details...

So here's what I purchased...
(3) Centrum Pro-Nutrients  reg. $12.79, sale $9.99
(2) Loreal Root Rescue  reg. $8.29, sale $5.99
(2) Mentos Up2U Gum  reg. $1.49, sale BOGO

-(1) $5/1 Centrum Pro-Nutrients CVS red machine coupon
-(3) $7/1 Centrum Pro-Nutrients 12/11 coupons
-(2) $2/1 Loreal coupons
-(2) $1/1 Mentos Up2U Gum coupons
-(1) $4/$20 CVS coupon (emailed to me)
-$7.24 ECB

Total value purchased ... $57.93
Paid out of pocket ... $0.20
Percentage saved ... 99%
Earned ... $10 Gift Card from purchasing (3) Pro-Nutrients and $5 ECB from Loreal

Oh but it's never that easy.  My $5 ECB that I earned from purchasing two Loreal hair dye boxes didn't print.  But I didn't notice it until I got home.  I called the store but they were closed.  So I called CVS customer service and they were very nice but my transaction was not yet available for them to view.  The gal told me it would take up to a week.  But the next day, she called and left a voice mail stating that I didn't purchase two and only even purchased four items and clearly didn't qualify for the ECB but thanks for calling. 

So I called back!  I hate to chase down a store coupon like a crazy lady but I had totally earned it.  And not just because I bought the required products that were marked very clearly on the shelf.  But because the first box I picked up had been previously pilfered by a little sticky fingers.  They stole the dye portion out of the box.  But also left open the conditioner tube.  So when I picked up the box, I dumped the conditioner ALL OVER MYSELF.  Jeans, puffy LL Bean coat and loafers. 

Oh I had soooo earned that darn ECB!

When I called back, the new gal looked up my case and said she was confused why the first gal would call and tell me that.  Because my transaction still wasn't even available for viewing.  She said she would re-open my case and get back to me.

Lo and behold, on Friday, the first gal called back to say my transaction was finally available for viewing and I did in fact qualify for that $5 ECB and she sent it to my card.  When I popped in a store and scanned my card at the magic red machine, the $5 ECB printed easily. 


Friday, December 16, 2011

Free Sample : Quest Bar

These have been available for a while- I've posted on here before.  But it looks like they are still available.  Click the image to request TWO FREE Quest Bars!  Mmmm!  These come in a gluten free version too!

A Few Finds At Price Chopper

I ran into Price Chopper last night to get a few dinner essentials and found a few fun deals along the way.  Most notably are these two. 

So I would never normally buy this Wolfgang Puck pasta sauce as it is $2.79 for a tiny jar.  It really can't be all that different and I think that's ridiculously priced.  You might not be able to see in the photo but those jars are smaller than your average pasta sauce jar.  But I had a few $1/1 coupons (newspaper- not sure when) and the dollar doublers too.  Bringing them down to just $0.79/each.  Still more than I wanted to pay but I was actually out of sauce and I like to have it on hands at all times. 

But then I was rewarded by the coupon gods.  Because there is a catalina deal this week.  Buy one, get $0.75 off your next order.  Buy two, get $1.50 off your next order.  That makes this a really sweet deal!

Now this next deal might not work for everyone.  I have had four $0.50/1 Annie's coupons sitting in my binder for a long time now.  I don't remember where they came from- possibly they now defunct Troy Food Co-Op.  So again, I recognize that not everyone has those mystery coupons handy.   

The Annie's, including the Gluten Free rice pasta is on sale this week.  Regularly $3.29, on sale 2/$3.  Woo woo!  I don't eat a lot of pre-made stuff like this.  And actually, I'm not sure I've ever had this particular pasta.  But it's nice to have a few things on hand when I am not feeling well...or if I am being honest...and we keep things honest around here...fat and lazy.  So anyway, they are on sale for $1.50 this week.  After my coupon doubled (PChop is still such a pain about doubling- make sure you pay very close attention girls to see every coupon double up), I paid just $0.50/box!  A HUGE savings!!

I wanted to make sure to note those two deals in case you happen to be in Price Chopper today.  Did anyone else find any fun, unexpected savings this week?

Tip: Rain Checks

So I mentioned the other day that I was lucky enough to find two of these fantastic J.R. Watkins kits on sale at my Rite Aid.  They are in fact included in the 2/$3 sale this week.  Such an incredible price!

I wanted more though.  To keep on hand for little hostess gifts or surseys (that's southern speak for a little happy treat).

So I went back to my favorite Rite Aid today where I purchased these two earlier in the week.  And asked for a Rain Check.  Here's what you need to note though...

Make sure you are very specific in that you want a Rain Check for the Head to Toe Kit and it's original price is $13.99.  They need to be clear on the RC with all that information as I have experience with stores not believing that price is real.  My other advice, learned the hard way, is to keep this week's sale ad and bring it with you when you go to use the RC.  It's better to have these things handy than to spend 20 minutes fighting with a manager and feeling all deflated.

But don't be afraid to ask for Rain Checks!  If a store is out of a noted sale item, you are fully entitled to use a RC to get it for the same price when back in stock. never know if you might be able to find a great coupon to make that deal even better too!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Y'all have left the sweetest comments and emails for me lately and I have been a total slacker this week.  How terrible of me! 

But the most horribly thing happened.  My computer got a virus.  But I didn't realize it at first and thought it was an update from Microsoft.  So I tried to do an update- including paying for an update to an Anti Virus (yes...I do see the irony) software. 

So in the end, my computer crashed.  Hard.  I paid as much to have it fixed as I could have paid for a new computer.  Seriously.  And in the process, lost EVERY SINGLE FILE.  Every photo.  Every invoice.  Every list.  Everything!  I also had to cancel my debit card and get a new one today. 

So I completely apologize for being behind with doing coupon updates.  I'm also not seeing the most amazing deals right now. 

But I'm getting my rear back in gear, y'all!  I'm loving that I have so many local readers now.  We should plan to do a little meet up after the first of the year.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Good Mail

So this is what has come my way in the last month or more.  Just because I signed up for all the freebies I post on here daily.  And it doesn't include my magazines. 

For those wondering, I only keep the things I do intend to use.  Everything else I give to friends, family or to a local homeless shelter. 

Do you see all the freebie coupons in the top photo, though?  Free Jamba Juice, free single roll of Bounty paper towels ($1 off coupon), free plus money maker travel size Tide ($2 off coupon), free John Frieda Precision Foam Colour, free bottle of organic Kefir, free package of Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers, and two free bottles of suave Professionals!

Has anything fun shown up in your mailbox lately?

$25 Restaurant Gift Certificates Just $1.40!

Do you use Ebates?  I am ashamed to say that even though I've known about it for years, I only recently started using it.  I had assumed it would be extra complicated all this time.

But you know what?  It's so easy!  And I am completely kicking myself for not using it to make money back all of these years.

Here's how it works.  Click here to sign up if you are not yet a member.  It's free and takes 15 seconds.  Then see that search box in the top right?  Type in the website you plan on shopping on.  And then click to shop as usual.  You will then automatically earn a percentage of your purchase price back in CASH via Ebates.  Crazy easy, huh?!

Here's an example I did yesterday:

Click to use or sign up with Ebates.

Then in the search box, type

Then shop as usual for gifts or for yourself.  I picked up three $25 gift certificates, for just $10/each.  Then before checkout, I used the code STOCKING to take off 80%.  Bringing my total for the three gift certificates (worth $75) from $30 down to just $6.

Did you follow that?  That code takes an additional 80% off your total!  How awesome!!

But it gets better because right now Ebates is giving you 30% cash back on all purchases.  So a $25 gift certificate will cost you just $2 after the coupon code and then earn you $0.60 back.  In the end, your out of pocket cost will be just $1.40! 

I picked up one as a gift and two just because.  It's nice to have them on hand to share with friends or to treat yourself when you feel like a night out and about.

FREE Every Man Jack Product

Wow- this a fun offer.  Just click the image to request a coupon for a FREE Every Man Jack product.  They are sold at Target stores according to their website.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Incredible Deal At Rite Aid

So J.R.Watkins products are on sale at Rite Aid this week, 2/$3.  That's an awesome deal.  Many are reporting to find $1/1 peelies.  I've been to three Rite Aid stores and have yet to find any peelies though.  But if you do, that's a rock your pink socks deal.  But one of my stores did have these kits included in the 2/$3.  They are normally $13.99.  So even without the peelie coupons, that's a huge savings.  I needed a cup of crack Diet Coke too.  Because sometimes Diet Coke is an actual need, regardless of coupons.

Purchased ...
(1) Diet Coke  reg. $1.69, 10% discount $1.52
(2) JR Watkins kits  reg. $13.99, sale 2/$3

Minus ...
- $4 +up Rewards

Total value purchased ... $29.67
Paid out of pocket ... $0.52
Percentage saved ... 98%

Monday, December 12, 2011

Hot $2/1 Tide Coupon

Some days I am better than others at catching the freebies on Facebook.  But I'm so glad I looked today because Tide is once again offering to mail out $2/1 coupons on their Facebook page.  Woo hoo!  So hurry hurry on over there by clicking the image above.  Like them if you have not already and then either way, sign up for the $2/1 coupon!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Do You Rue? You Seriously Should!

Ruelala is my very favorite deal website.  Click any of the links or images here to get yourself a direct invite.  They have the most amazing sales and deals.  It's where I get a lot of my favorite Lilly Pulitzer clothing pieces and shoes. 

It's a great time of year to sign up and do some last minute holiday shopping.  From sweet treats to sparkly treats to gifts for the man or woman or baby in your life.  They have it all.  They even have vacations and getaways now.

Or if you just don't need anything, it's still super fun to window shop.  I mean, I have no use for a pair of ruffled bloomers but how cute are they below?! 

So if you have yet to sign up, click this link and start playing around on Ruelala!  You can even set up notifications of your favorite upcoming sales so you never miss a great deal.

FREE Sample : Sundown Vitamins

Click the image to request a free sample of vitamins from Sundown Naturals after you like them on Facebook.

New Target Mobile Coupons

Check your smartphones, coupon-tastic friends!  Target just released more mobile coupons and they include...

* $1/1 Oscar Mayar bacon

* $0.50/1 Nabisco snack item (Honey Maid graham crackers or Nilla Wafter cookies)

* $0.50/1 Nabisco crackers (Wheat Thins, Triscuit or Ritz)

* $1/1  64oz Market Pantry refrigerated juice

* $1.50/1 Robitussin Peak Cold cold relief item

* $3 off Merona women's apparel item (no min purchase price but does exclude intimates and swim)

You are only allowed to use these coupon once.  I will also note from personal experiences that if you have more than one item in your transaction using a phone coupon, it can be an extra big pain and they sometimes need to scan your phone twice and call a manager or three to figure it out.  The Merona apparel coupon is the most appealing to me and should make for a free pair of sock maybe (they wouldn't be considered intimate I don't think) or a nice discount from a clearance/sale item. 

Let me know how you make these fun coupon work to your shopping advantage!

Friday, December 9, 2011

FREE Sample

Click the image to request a FREE sample.  I'm not all that clear on if I got one or now but it takes just 30 seconds so it's worth a try.  Ha- can you tell I am home reading FB and blogs tonight?'s cold outside and cozy inside. 

More Price Chopper Sales

Looky loo at what Price Chopper just announced tonight on their Facebook page!  More sales.  I could personally care less about the oil sale.  It would take me 20 years to get through a thing that big.  I bake a bunch but I guess I don't bake a ton that requires oil.  Actually....what does one typically use vegetable oil for/in/with?  But the oranges are a good deal and nice to have after heavy winter foods this time of year.

FREE Sample

Click the image to "like" and Facebook and request a free sampleof Sibu Body Cream.  Yay for freebies!

I Made Money At Target

OK I did most of these match ups here.  The Yoplait was FREE from a coupon I got from one of the freebies I post weekly.  For all 12 of those TGI Friday's meals, I paid just $0.99 TOTAL!  That's just pennies per meal.  The Poland Springs was free from a coupon.  Same with the nail polish and Aveeno lotion.  I also had $15 in gift cards from last week to use that I used.

Total value purchased ... $94.54
Paid out of pocket ... $4.35
Percentage saved ... 95%
Earned ... $10 gift card from spending more than $50

Price Chopper Coupon Doublers

Price Chopper released two coupon doublers on their Facebook page this morning.  So head over there, print them out, and double any $1 coupon up to $2!  Friday and Saturday only.

Easy and Inexpensive Gift Ideas

I thought this might be a good time to show y'all some gift ideas that have been big hits in my family over the years.  My biggest challenge is always kids from age 5-16.  I don't seem them enough to know what's cool and not cool and what they have already.  By that age they certainly have big wardrobe opinions.  And in my family, they are nearly all little boys.  A complete mystery to me.

This was a BIG hit!  I picked up lots of funky flavored sodas as well as a bottle koozie and funky straw (pack of 6 just $1 at Dollar General).  Put everything in a colorful bucket from the $1 section at Target.  Added crinkle and wrapped it all up in a big bag.  As always, click the images to see the original explanation posts.

And for the family gift exchange, a little bucket full of nips.  These are fun to make single drinks or to add to a hot bevvy during the 75 months of winter we have ahead of us.

These were other favorites.  What I called Sugar Buckets.  I bought buckets at the Dollar General.  And kiddie snacks and sweets at various stores.  Very inexpensive.  And a HUGE hit with kids.  Parents, perhaps notsomuch.  Ha. 

I love how I wrapped them and actually use this method a lot with oddly shaped gift baskets.  Take a yard of scrap fabric, place the bucket or odd shaped gift in center, and tie with a grosgrain ribbon bow.  Simple as can but but be prepared for everyone to make a big fuss over your amazing gift wrapping skills. 

Oh and last year I made initial towel wraps.  You need to know some basic sewing skills but they were pretty simple and inexpensive.  And I hope pretty useful- bath, pool, beach, etc.  Again, click the images to see better explanations of the gifts.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

FREE Full Size TRESemme Split Remedy

The deals today are just rocking my pink socks!  How fun is this one?!  Click the above image to "like" TRESemme on Facebook.  Then click the link to request a FREE full size bottle of Split Remedy.  They ship it right to you.  Here's hoping we all have fabulous hair by the new year!!

Do You Rue?

Are y'all all on Ruelala?  If not, you need to be Rue-ing it up!  I get half the Lilly Pulitzer clothes in my closet from Ruelala at rock bottom prices.  And through today, they are offering new sign ups a $10 credit as a bonus.

Here's how it works.  You have to be "invited."  If you click any of the links or images in this post, it is a direct invite for you.  And they have limited time sales.  The images you see are all on sale today, for example.  They have goods for women, men, children, home, travel, and even local specific sales.  The prices are awesome and they are really great about returns too if you ever need that option.  There is an upcoming Jack Rogers sale for all my fellow preps out there (though I am a tried and true Bonanno fan myself).