Saturday, April 28, 2012

How funny is it that I was in Price Chopper this afternoon when I received the email about the triple coupons next week?!  I've never seen this before and am soooo excited!

We can triple up to four $1 coupons!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

$2/1 Fructis Coupon....Hurry!

Hurry hurry to snag one of 7000 $2/1 Garnier Fructis Rite Aid coupon!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Free Finish Dishwashing Sample

I LOVE Finish!  Love love love.  Use it many times each week in my dishwasher.  So click to request a free sample.  Woo hoo for a fun freebie I already know I will love!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Free Dog Treats

Oh my fur baby, Sadie, is going to be so excited to get a little treat package in the mailbox.  What a cute company, too!  I am very clearly a person who thinks cuteness is important in life!  Click here for a free sample.

Friday, April 20, 2012

FREE Hair Color and Gum Tomorrow Only!

Deal Idea for tomorrow only at Dollar General...

* Buy (8) boxes of Clairol Balsam Hair Color  $3/each

* Buy (1) pack of gum or anything that totals $1

= $25

- (1) $5/$25 Dollar General coupon - make sure to hand this over FIRST!
- (4) $5/2 Clairol hair color coupon SS 4/15

= out of pocket FREE!  Just pay tax, baby!

There are lots of other deals to be had but I think it's fun when you can manage to get a total down to a big fat goose egg.  Great to fill up your stockpile if you are running low on hair color.  One must keep her locks naturally bright and blonde year-round!

FREE Planters Place Plant Food

Perfect timing as it is nearly planting season up here.  Click to request not one but TWO free bags of Planters Place Pot Shots plant food.  Ooooh I am super excited about this one!  My t'maters are going to be so happy and healthy this summer. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Great Gluten Free Coupon!

This is a great one!  $2/1 Schar products.  I love the Schar brand of products!  It should even make for free or nearly free products.  I plan to buy pasta with my two coupons.  I'm out of GF pasta and love to have them on hand for lazy nights.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

FREE Lara Bar

Hurry, hurry!  If you are a member of Eat Better America already and you are one of the first 10,000 to hop on there this morning, you can snag a FREE Lara Bar.  These are my absolute, hands-down favorite bars!  Love love love them.  They are so incredibly yummy and healthy!

Thanks Budget Savvy Diva!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Print And Save This Coupon To Buy Laundry Detergent For Just $0.04/Load

What is your stock up price on laundry detergent?  Do you have one?  You should think about it if you have not already.  Mine is $0.05/load.  Unless I am needing it right now (which will never happen as I already have a HUGE supply of laundry everything- I need to post a photo sometime), I will not buy laundry detergent.  However, this example meets my stock up price!

Starting Sunday April 22, Price Chopper will have Arm & Hammer laundry detergent on sale, half price.  Just $3.49/bottle with 35 loads.  There is a $2/1 Arm & Hammer laundry detergent coupon that we can use to bring the price down to just $1.49!  That makes each load only $0.04!!

But I'd print those coupons now just in case they disappear before Sunday.  You never know with printable coupons. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

AMAZING Savings At Target...Including FREE Food Savers, Gelato and Starbucks!

Wow!  That's all I can say about my trip to Target today!  Wow, wow, wow!!

Purchased ...
(1) Revlon Nail File Set  reg. $1.27
- (1) $2/1 Revlon Beauty Tools *marked down to $1.27/1
= Out Of Pocket FREE!

(2) Mio Water Flavors  reg. $3.84, sale $3.79
- (2) $1/1 Mio Water coupon
= OOP $2.79/ea

(1) Driscoll's Blackberries  reg. $3.59, sale $2.49

(4) Bananas  reg. $0.24/ea

(1) Skim Milk Gallon  reg. $2.79

(1) Dannon Activia 4pk  reg. $1.99
- (1) $1/1 Dannon Activia 4pk
= OOP $0.99

(1) Talenti Gelato  reg. $4.49
- (1) Free coupon

(2) Starbucks ground coffee  reg. $7.99
- (2) $1.50/1 Starbucks coupon
- (1) $5/2 Starbucks Target coupon
= OOP $3.99/ea when you buy (2)

(2) Starbucks beverages  reg. $1.99
- (2) FREE with purchase of Starbucks bag coffee peelie found on each bag!
* my cashier said these are not great so it's a good thing they were free

(2) Food Saver Handheld  reg. $19.99
- (2) $10/1 Food Saver coupon
- (2) $10/1 Food Saver Target coupon

(2) Food Saver Bags  reg. $8.99
- (2) $2/1 Food Saver Bags coupon
- (1) BOGO Free Target coupon
= OOP $2.50

I saved around 80% at Target today!  And I am sooo excited to try the Food Saver on things like cheese and meats!  Perfect for my coupon-aholic self.  Oh and how fun to get the bonus freebie of those Starbucks drinks- I didn't even expect those.  I LOVE couponing trips like this!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Great Savings At Price Chopper

This was an odd trip.  I ran in with a hefty list.  And walked out with only what you see here.  Most of which is not even for me- ha.  Oh well.  Sometimes we do better than other times, right?  The problem was that I didn't go to my normal Price Chopper.  This one doesn't have the same items as my normal store.  And I have said it here several times before, but the prices are often different too.  That shocks me given that the two stores are less than 15 mins from each other.  But I digress...

(1) Price Chopper Biscuit  reg. $0.50

(1) Banana  reg. $0.96

(2) Planters Peanut Butter  reg. $3.99, sale $2.50
- (2) $1/1 Planters PB print coupon
= Out Of Pocket $1.50/each
~ Saved 64%

(2) Cape Cod Chips  reg. $3.79, sale $3
- (1) $1/2 Cape Cod Chips SS 4/1
= OOP $2.50/ea
~ Saved 34%

(5) Kraft Velveeta Skillets  reg. $2.79, sale $2
- (5) $0.75/1 Velveeta Skillets SS 3/18
= OOP $0.50/ea
~ Saved 82%

(4) Kibbles n Bits  reg. $5.49, Sale BOGO Free
- (2) 2 Free from BOGO Free Sale
- (2) $2.50/1 thanks to sweet Sheila!
= OOP $1.50/ea
~ Saved 73%

FREE Sample : Touchscreen Cleaning Wipes

Oooh I need this!  Click to request a FREE sample of Touchscreen Cleaning Wipes.  Keep the germies off our computers and cell phones!

Onion Coupon

Yay!  I love produce coupons.  And as onions last a long time, this is a great one.  Click HERE for $0.50/5 lb bag of Vidalia Onions

I don't know off the top of my head what a 5lb bag runs but when you go to buy it, make sure you take a moment to weigh a few of them first.  I do that with anything in a bag- potatoes, apples, even berries in a container.  Things that are priced per bag/container often weigh different.  So I have no shame in taking three bags over to the scale and finding the one that weighs the most.

Sometimes other customers look at me funny (but hello...that comes with a coupon binder territory anyway) but other times they will comment that I am so smart to get the most bang for my buck! 

FREE Pantiliners From CVS

Well I still cannot see any photos on any of my blogs.  I've tried GC, IE and Firefox.  No one else seems to be having this problem to my extent though and I am sort of at a loss of what to do.

In the mean time, while I wallow away, click HERE to request a free sample of Carefree Pantiliners from CVS.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Bounty Of Bread

My dad loves Oat Nut bread.  And if you are not from Upstate NY, I am not sure you will have even heard of it.  But Price Chopper never includes Oat Nut in their buy one get two free Friehoffers quarterly sales any more.  Have you noticed that?  Anyway, enter the Hostess outlet store. 

Yes, Feiehoffers has an outlet too.  But I never drive past it and refuse to make a special trip for bread for dad.

It's hit or miss at an outlet shop though.  They get deliveries daily.  But you just never know what they will have in stock each day.  So when I find the beloved Oat Nut, I stock up and stick them in the freezer.

Well I just SCORED big time.  I bought six loaves but they had at least six more.  And I would have bought them too but I knew I didn't have the freezer space for it. 

Something that makes me giggle is that every so often, after I pay, the cashier will tell me to take a free box of whatever is on the end cap.  Today my choices were chocolate Twinkies or those coffee cake things.  Since dad will likely eat the coffee cake things and I have never met a living soul who would touch a Twinkie (seriously...does anyone eat those icky things?), I drove away with a free box.

Do y'all frequent bread stores too? 

In the grocery store, each loaf runs around $3-4.  At the outlet, these were each just $1.69.  That's a heck of a deal!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

I Saved 52% At Price Chopper

This was done last week but due to Blogger issues it is just posting now.  So I am just going to show you that I saved 52% while grocery shopping.  It would have been higher but I misplaced a few coupons and didn't have it in me to deal with the Easter shoppers for one more minute.

Better Than Free At CVS

Thanks to Blogger, you probably cannot see this above photos.  Awesome sauce.

But I snagged two of these Depends Undies for women for FREE with coupons and then earned a $2 ECB.  So I made (CVS) money to buy them. 

Obviously they are a donation.

Blogger Users...Help!

First...Happy Easter!  Or Passover!

Second...I detest the new version of Blogger.  It's miserable.  I have tried it using both IE and Google Chrome and both are wretched.  You'd think GC would work considering Blogger is also Google.  But alas, they don't mix.

But I cannot post photos.

I can upload them just fine.  Well, fine-ish.  But that's another topic.  But when I hit publish, they are no longer in the post.  Just a big empty space.  If I got to edit them, I also see that empty space.  But clicking that space, I can tell they are there as the option to make them larger or smaller appears.  Just sans photo.

I have googled (eye roll) and I can tell many others are having this issue.  But so far I can't find a resolution.  Help.  I have three blogs and am at my witts end.  If I can't figure this out I will absolutely need to just stop blogging as it is beyond frustrating.  I can't spend this much time trying to upload a darn photo.

I also pretty much hate everything about the new format.  I think the space to type is much smaller if you can believe that possible.  For me, that writing space overlaps the tool bar so I can't easily use those options.  And spell check has yet to work.

So Google, in reveiw, your changes are making me miserable.  Awesome job there, killer!

Better Than Free At Rite Aid

I did awesome at Rite Aid on Saturday considering I barely got myself in the store for the first time in forever and still do not have my many months of coupons clipped.

There are two photos because I went to two stores (both totally on my way to other places so I did not at all go out of my way to shop). 

I picked up five Allegra Allergy boxes and 12 Snickers Eggs at the first store.  I didn't realize however that the Allegra were on sale.  So I couldn't use all of my Snickers coupons.  Not an issue but just had to note that the Allegra were actually MONEY MAKERS.  Which is completely awesome as I am having horrible allergies lately.  So timely.

At the second store, I used the rest of my Snickers coupons, my two remaining Allegra coupons, Tums and picked up a gallon of milk with some of the excess.

As these deals are over, I will just tell you the general results.  I am at Silver status with Rite Aid Rewards right now so I get 10% off non-sale prices.

Total value purchased ... $68.71
Paid out of pocket ... $2.91
Percentage saved ... 96%

Again, I recognize that I could have actually done better.  But for my three seconds of planning and forgetting that I had Silver status and not paying attention to sales, I'd say I did pretty great.  I walked away with nearly $50 in free, frequently-used allergy medicine alone. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lilly Is On Sale Right Now....Hurry!

I promise to write up some real posts this weekend.  But in case some don't know (I sometimes miss them so appreciate seeing others make the announcement), Lilly Pulitzer is on sale at Ruelala right now.  Several of the items I really wanted were swiped from my cart within minutes.  Hmph!  But I still got a cute pink shirt (that might be too big) and a stunning green dress (that might be too small in the top but too big everywhere else). 

I promise to let you know if either of my finds are keepers once they arrive.  Damn my hard to fit body!  Actually, just damn my big boobs!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More Price Chopper Coupons

There are some more great coupons on Price Chopper's website this week!  This is a GREAT price for Coke 2L.  Even better if you have the Free coupons we earned after purchasing the Pepsi Next (for free) last week!

Have Your Cake And Make It Too

There are some great baking coupons available this week on Price Chopper's Facebook page.

FREE Bagels At Bruegger's

If you sign up here to get emails from Bruegger's Bagels, they will send you a coupon for a FREE bagel and cream cheese.  And it looks like they might send a little something for your birthday too!