Saturday, April 30, 2011

FREE Cottonelle

I am not really sure what these are- for babies maybe?  Not sure- they might end up in the donate box.  But I requested them anyway.  I can figure it out once they arrive.  You can request one for yourself and then send one to a friend.  How nice!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Target Savings

My Target doesn't seem to be having the same sales as others.  Boo!  I'm thinking it's perhaps because it's under construction as they build the grocery part?  I did have a bunch of manufacturer coupons for the Nature Valley granola bars, as well as a bunch of Target coupons to stack with them.  My dad loves them and they keep for ages so I just went ahead and used up my coupons.  Don't worry, no shelves were cleared. 

And while I probably could have found a better deal on the Finish boxes, I was OK with paying just $0.76/each.  They are my favorite (as evidenced by the crazy stack in the back of my pantry- ha!).

Purchased ...
(2) Finish Quantam 10 ct.  reg. $2.75??, sale $2.51
(2) Crackerful  reg. $2.79
(1) Revlon Nail Clipper  $1.59
(1) Visine  reg. $1.99, sale $1.79
(12) Nature Valley granola bars 4 ct.  reg. $1

(2) $1.75/1 Finish Quantum print Q
(1) $1/1 Crackerful manu Q  **
(1) $2/1 Revlon beauty tool print Q
(1) $2/1 Visine print Q
(6) $1/2 Nature Valley Target print Q
(6) $1/2 Nature Valley manu Q

Total value purchased ... $26.66
Paid out of pocket ... $4.53
Percentage saved ... 83%

Earned ... $5/2 Revlon Beauty Tools Coupon! Which is fabulous!  Those nail clippers were only purchased because of the overage.  I don't need them- the went straight into my donate box.  I'll buy two more of them with this coupon and before taxes, have $1.82 overage!  Woo hoo!!

** I just realized that even though I haded over TWO of the $1/1 Crackerful coupons, only ONE shows on my receipt.  I thought I was paying close attention too.  Drats.  I still did well but it would have been $1 better if I had a keener eye!

Walmart Savings

So I went to Walmart because lots of other bloggers said that they found all sorts of toys on sale.  And then used all those toy coupons we got recently to get things for cheap or even free.  I figured I should go to get whatever I could.  I mean, if I can get something for free or nearly free, it only makes sense to get it and save it for Christmas gifts or donations. 

But as with nearly everything else I try to buy at Walmart, they did not have a single item that even came close to matching what I was looking for.  So flippin' typical.  I have not one, not two, but THREE Walmarts in my general area.  And I never ever ever have an ounce of luck.  Y'all must live in magical good Walmart areas.  Lucky for you.  I will resume avoiding the dreadful place.

Since I was there, I picked up a few items anyway. 

(2) Powerade  reg. $0.78
(1) Wardly Fish Food  reg. $1.48
(3) Reach Floss  reg. $0.88

(1) Buy One Get One Free Powerade manu Q
(1) $2/1 Wardly Fish Food print Q
(3) $1/1 Reach Floss manu Q

Total value purchased ... $6.13
Paid out of pocket ... $0.35
Percentage saved ... 94%

Also, when I was putting away my buggy at Target, I found a quarter on the ground.  And $0.10 of my total was the bottle tax on the Powerade.  So after the found quarter, I really only paid the $0.10 bottle tax, which is redeamable (Though I will fully admit that I only ever put them in the blue recycle box- I will not take it personally to be recycled and to get my $ back.  I'm lazy.).

More FREE Tea

FREE tea seems fitting today, no?  Though I am not sure that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (swoon...magical day for little and big girls everywhere!) drinks Yogi Tea, we can.  And for FREE.  Click here to request your FREE sample!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Click the image to register for a FREE sample of Dove deodorant.  One of my favorite brands!

More Price Chopper Coupons

If the sky ever dries up, you might be able to have yourself quite the grill-out!  Click the images to print the coupons.  PChop seems to really be stepping up their in store coupons.  LOVE it!  I'll still probably do better shopping at Target when it finally gets here in a few weeks though. 

Amazing Prices On American Girls

OMG if you have a little girl or know a little girl, you need to run right over to RueLaLa and check out their American Girl boutique today.  Normally a mini doll and book combo sells for around $30 I believe, but today on RueLaLa they are only $15.90!  Insane!  Christmas really isn't that far away, y'all.  Might be time to start thinking about stocking up on special gifts.  Hurry, hurry...RueLaLa sells out fast!

Price Chopper Coupons

New coupons from Price Chopper.  None of them really excite me all that much but perhaps they are just what you might be looking for... 

I Saved But Not Easily

Oh are just so flippin' complicated!  We are back on the "outs" and barely on speaking terms.  Again because of manager Rob not wanting to do his job.  Which includes but is not limited to: ringing up customers, marking down coupons, reading the cash register, and doing anything even remotely considered helpful.  In fact, Rob's only answer is that he can't or won't do anything.  He does love to stand around when cashiers need help or customers are 12 deep in line and instead shoot the breeze with his buddies.  Every time I am there.  Annoying. 

Another annoying aspect to today's trip is that the store was out of everything I wanted.  I went there specifically for about four items.  And Rob refused to even write me Rain Checks!  Calling corporate shortly on that.  I mean, I get that I went on a Wednesday so I chance things being in stock.  But I should be able to get a Rain Check, right?  Not according to Rob.

Unfortunately I needed to buy something as my Register Rewards were expiring.  And this is the only semi-close Walgreens so I had to make something work.  Of what was purchased, the only thing on my list was the face medicine.  I do not need the Oxi stuff but I will certainly use it eventually.  The price after coupons though came to just $0.50/each.  That's awesome.  And I've decided I don't even really like that toothpaste but I wanted to roll my Rewards.  When you use the manu coupon, it's actually a small profit.  Oh and this was done in two transactions because one of my Rewards that I wanted to use was from the Luster toothpaste last week.  As I planned to get the Reward again today, I needed to make sure NOT to pay for this toothpaste with the RR from last week's toothpaste. 

OK I have somehow misplaced my first receipt.  So I am just going to guess.  I know what I paid within a nickle or two and will just guesstimate.  Sorry.

(1) Luster White Toothpaste  reg. $7.99, sale $4.99
(1) Clean and Clear face stuff  reg. $6.99
(1) Caramel to bump up my pre-coupon total  reg. $0.39
(2) Dove body wash  reg. $4??, sale $2
(8) Oxi Clean Max Force  reg. 2/$5

(1) $1.50/1 Luster White Toothpaste manu Q
(1) $1/1 Clean and Clear manu Q
(1) $3/2 Dove bodywash print Q
(4) $1/2 Oxi Clean from in store April Walgreens Coupon Book Q (does not count against your coupon to item ratio)
(4) $3/2 Oxi Clean many Q
$15 Register Rewards (I only factor these in to my totals when I actually use them!)

(1) of the $3/1 Oxi Clean coupons had to be marked down to $2.45
(1) Clean and Clear coupon had to be marked down to $0.99

Total (approx) value purchased ... $46
Paid out of pocket ... $3.50
Percentage saved ... 92%
Earned ... $4 RR from the Luster White

I think I actually should have saved more but it was a hot mess at checkout.  You win some and lose some and I had already spent too much time and energy in this store.  The only thing I had planned to buy was the Clean and Clear, which even after my coupon would have cost me $5.99.

Honestly, if my Rewards weren't expiring and I didn't have do many, I would have left.  Walgreens is just too big of a headache.  I'm all about Rite Aid and Target whenever possible!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FREE Zyrtec

I have terrible allergies and am excited that I qualified for this FREE coupon.  Click the image to see if you too qualify- it only takes a few seconds.  Zyrtec will mail the coupon directly to you.

FREE Puppy Pads

Click the image to get a FREE sample of these puppy pads.  Another great "to donate" item if you don't use them (I do not- my dog goes outside thank goodness!).

Another GREAT Coupon

Nivea has again given us a great $2/2 Lip Care coupon on their Facebook page.  The last time they did this a few months ago, I was able to score FREE lippy at Rite Aid when it went on sale for $1.  So "like" them on Facebook and print now and hold on to the coupons until we find a sale.

And let me apologize now for the lack of posts this week.  I'm having sort of a hairy week and am not sure how much I can get on here.  It was actually a great week for me to not have new coupons.  So thank you coupon insert companies!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Print Now

Hurry and go "like" Lipton on Facebook.  Then print (twice- hit backspace AFTER the first starts printing) a coupon to Buy One Get One FREE Lipton Ice Tea.  But save it.  It's good until September.  So hang onto it until we find a BOGO sale.  Or use it now for two half price drinks.  Either way, today is apparently my all about ice tea day- ha!

And Here's The Tea

Here's the tea sample to go with our sweetener.  Fabulous!  Click the link to request your FREE sample.

Sweet Sample

Click the image to sign up for a FREE sample of Soooo Sweet! sweetener.  Ice tea season is just around the corner, friends!  Time to sweeten things up around here.

Searching For Savings

This may be stating the obvious but don't overlook doing a quick Swagbucks search before ordering things online to see if there is a better price elsewhere.  There are so many secondary stores these days that often sell brand name items. 

The other day I was ordering a large quantity of items from American Apparel.  The price was just astronomical!  But the last time I ordered this item, they did in fact have the least expensive price.  I did a quick search and ended up finding my needed item on sale at Amazon for less than half the price.  Now last time, Amazon was more expensive so that is not the end all answer.  But this time, it saved me big BIG buckaroos!

A quick Swagbucks search saved me 60%!  Plus I won a few Swagbucks for doing the search too- bonus!  And if you are not signed up with them, you need to click the link and sign yourself up now.  I've only been using Swagbucks for searches for a few months and love the program.  Highly recommend signing up and adding the toolbar.  Then do your searches there instead of google.  I mean, why not get rewarded for doing internet searches?


Not really sure about this one but it looks like it might make us all days younger.  And that's always a good thing!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

FREE At Price Chopper

I love LOVE this Mio stuff!  I'm drinking it in my seltzer water as I type this, actually.  And it's FREE at Price Chopper this week.  In addition, the coupon states that you MAY use it with a manufacturer coupon too.  So use your $1/1 manu Q for additional savings on your entire purchase.

Oh and a very happy Easter to all who celebrate today!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ink Saving Tips

So I've yet to really find a steal on printer ink.  About a month or two after I started coupoing, I purchased refillable ink.  Which worked wonders for a month.  And then disaster struck.  I spilled ink all over me.  And my kitchen.  My nail beds were black for something like EIGHT days.  Because one can only scrub her nail beds so much before tears form.  This was a rinse, wash, repeat situation about three equally ridiculous times.  The final time resulted in ink spilling all over me- like so much spilled on my leg that it soaked through my favorite pajama pants and onto my knee and leg.  And on the carpet.  Holy hot mess.

So what I am trying to say is that it was not purdy, my friends.

Though it felt sort of cool until disasters started popping up.  Refilling my ink was a close as I would ever come to a medical career.  I felt fancy and surgical.  And I am trying to look into how to make it work because the cost is significantly lower to re-fill your own.

So then the printer refused to print with the refillable ink altogether.  Just stopped recognizing that there really was ink in there.  Only new ink seemed to work. 

Great.  Super helpful.  Oy!

That all said, I do have a few tips to save ink. 

First, if you are in the market for a new printer, check out the ink prices first.  This is not something I did and now I am paying for some of the most expensive ink ever known to man.  I wish I had bought a more expensive printer that used less expensive ink.  Live and learn.

Second, print in black and white.  Better yet, grayscale.  My coupons seem to scan better when not in color anyway.  And never have issues with grayscale.  Color ink is more expensive than black and white. 

Third, pay attention when printing.  Many coupons come with 1/2 a page of advertising.  When I see a coupon is finished printing, I hit cancel on my printer to stop it from wasting ink (and paper) on an ad.  I mean, if I'm printing the coupon, no need to sell me on the ad.  I'm clearly already interested.

Fourth, know what you are printing.  When I first started couponing, I got excited to see high value coupons for new (to me) products that I wanted to try.  Only to later realize that they weren't even being sold in my region of the country.  Now when I find one of those curiously good coupons, I google to see where the product is being sold.  If it's a CA/WA product, I have no need to print it in NY.

Fifth, paper is cheaper than ink.  In fact, paper is often free.  I used to always print as many coupons as possible per page.  Now I print only what I need.  So if I only want one coupon, that's what I print.  I try to re-use the paper either to print more coupons or to make my shopping lists.

Sixth, and most important, be realistic.  Once I had the (working refillable) ink system going, I started printing everything.  Because the ink was so cheap.  But every time I cleaned out the expired coupons from my binder, I was reminded of how many printed coupons went unused.  I hate waste.  It annoys me.  So I am slowly learning to be realistic.  Am I truly interested in that product?  How much does the product normally sell for? Is that product even sold at my regular stores?  And how many would I really need/want/have room to store?  It might be tempting to print off a coupon for nearly free margarine but if you only eat real butter...what's the point?

I do still print a good many coupons.  But I am starting to let go of a lot of once super attractive coupons.  The whole point of using coupons is to save money.  Where's the savings in printing extra stuff you are never going to need?

Happy Mail

You know how I went bonkers this week listing freebies?  Well this is why.  This photo is what arrived Monday through Friday of this week.  So much better than bills and junk.  Not every week is quite this fabulous.  But the not knowing when your treats will show up makes getting the mail so exciting.  I was shocked to see that big 10 count bag of Tide.  I didn't realize that's what they were sending. 

To my knowledge, all of these offers are no longer available.  But I've listed lots of other fun deals in the posts below.

Want to know what showed up in my mailbox?

* Tide Stain Release 10 pack (from Facebook offer)
* Tide Acti Lift detergent single load
* $2/1 Tide Stain Release (any form) coupon
* Ocean Spray Sparkling Cranberry beverage
* $1/ any 4-pack Ocean Spray Sparkling beverage coupon
* Yellow stretch exercise band from Tylenol
* 2 Kirkland Household Surface Wipes (like Swiffer)
* Jergens Ultra Healing and Overnight Repair lotion samples
* Ester-C Gummies sample
* $2/1 Ester-C coupon
* eos lotion (hello how cute is that fun blue container it comes in!)
* (2) $1/1 eos coupons
* Orville Redenbacher's Pop Up Bowl popcorn
* $1/1 Orville Redenbacher's Pop Up Bowl popcorn coupon
* Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Chef Boyardee Whole Grain Canned Pasta coupon
* $1/1 Peter Pan All Natural Peanut Butter coupon
* FREE Glade Spring Collection product (up to $3.99 value) coupon
* Sorority monogram cosmetic bag (has nothing to do with blogs- it's for being an advisor- but it came on the same day as the Tide and Ocean Spray and it felt like a mini Christmas opening all those prezzies)
* Plus several magazines not pictured!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Surprise: Great Deals at Price Chopper

I neglected to take a photo of my trip to Price Chopper.  Sorry, I just never think of it when I buzzing to get everything put away.  I am better and taking drug store purchase photos as they are not perishable and I feel less in a rush.  Today was mostly Easter foods anyway.  We all know what a spiral ham (not on sale, no coupon, purchased when the store is FULL on Good Friday) looks like.

But don't forget to print the great Price Chopper coupons this week.  You know that Belgioioso $5 any two coupon this week?  I made it work, baby!  I found the two least expensive pieces, one for $3.67 and one for $3.69.  I also found two peelies for $0.55/1 ANY Belgioioso cheese in the display.  I love cheese and it freezes so well.  I don't have an immediate need for either of these right now but when you're only paying 17% for such a great product, it seems so worth it to buy and freeze for later use.

Total value of cheese ... $7.36
Out of pocket paid ... $1.26
Percentage saved ... 83%

The other thing I want to point out is the magic red iSave machine.  I never used to take advantage of this thing- didn't even know where it was located to be honest.  Until I Am That Lady kept making mention of her coupons from there.  I've used it the past three weeks and have used at least two coupons each time.  As they are Price Chopper coupons, we can stack them with manufacturer coupons.  So be sure to always bring your coupon binder to the store with you!

One of the coupons I used today was a $0.50/1 Bailey's creamer.  I knew I had a $1/1 manufacturer coupon too.  It's selling for (not sure if this is a regular or sale price) $1.69 for the small bottle at my store.  This is something else that can be frozen.  I actually will use it now but if you don't need creamer, you can totally pop it (along with milk and yogurt and sour cream, etc) in the freezer for later use.  I actually drink more coffee in the summer months as I tend to make myself ice coffee all weekend long. 

Total value of creamer ... $1.69
Out of pocket paid ... $0.19
Percentage saved ... 89%

You should note that many of the Price Chopper coupons have a minimum purchase.  I was buying weekend/Easter groceries so I easily met and exceeded that price point.  Just wanted to make sure y'all were reading the fine print.  Some have a minimum and some do not.

Both of these purchases were a surprise.  I just happened to print out the cheese coupon on the off chance I could make something fun happen there.  It was unexpected to find the two peelies but I was so excited to see that all come together.  And the Baileys was unplanned too.  I love coming home with surprise deals from the grocery store.  I still struggle to really get amazing deals on groceries.  I'm getting better but my luck is nothing like bloggers in other parts of the country.  But seeing as how I am stocked up on just about everything health and beauty related, I am really trying hard to concentrate on grocery purchases. 

Target's grocery department can't get here fast enough!

Nivea Coupon Back

Good news.  If you were unable to print the Nivea lip treatment coupon the other day before it disappeared, good's back!  It has not re-set.  So if you printed twice already, you will not be able to print again.  But if you didn't print twice and it disappeared before you had a chance...hurry hurry!  It's back but I doubt it will be for long.  This is seriously a great product that should make it FREE or nearly free in the near future.

Tip:  When you go to print the coupon a second time on this website, I find that it has often moved to the last or second to last page.


There will be NO coupon inserts in the paper this Easter Sunday.  I am in dire need of a little coupon organization at my house next week, so it's probably "a good thing" as my Martha would say!  Let's hope the following week rewards us with some great coupon treats after the mini break.

FREE 2 Year Subscription To Shape Magazine

I already get this from Rewards Gold but thanks to Hip-to-Save's tip, I signed up now and will call to request that my orders go back to back.  In the past I have received two of the same magazine and that's such a waste. 

Click the image to sign up.  I get several FREE (In fact I never ever pay a penny for a magazine subscription and I get at least a dozen each month!) subscriptions from this site.  It's very safe and they never ask for your credit card.  You take a little survey (mine was about yogurt today- it's about six questions- takes 60 seconds) and then you qualify.

More FREE Paper

My word...I can't believe how Staples just gives this paper away right and left!  I had no idea one should never pay for copy paper.  I actually have to pop over near Staples today so if I can remember, I might as well pick up yet another FREE pack of paper.  If they want to give it to me for FREE...who am I to turn that down, right? 

I've found that they key is to register for the mail in rebate immediately.  I assume Staples does this deal banking on the fact that most people forget to register the rebates.  So when you get home, do not pass go until you hop online to register.  It takes just a minute, if that long, and the check will come to you in about a month or so. 

So go HERE to print out this coupon.  Hand it to the cashier as you are checking out.  Pay out of pocket (before tax), $5.99.  Then go home and follow the instructions that print on your receipt.  It's easy peasy, I promise.  A check will be mailed directly to you. 

I believe there is a limit of ONE and the offer is only valid through tomorrow, 04/23/2011.  So act fast!  But don't make a special trip.  It seems Staples does similar FREE paper offers all the time.  I've done it at least five times in the last two months alone.  And that's not even taking advantage of every offer.  Office Depot (that's the name, right?  well the store that's like Staples but starts with the word Office...) does similar frequent offers but we don't have one of those up here.  If you do, I'd sign up for their e-notices so you can take advantage of those offers too.


Click the image, "like" Garnier on Facebook and then sign up to receive a FREE sample.  Lots of freebies this week, y'all!  Love that!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Free Treats

I meant to post this days ago but it stayed in draft for some reason.  Hopefully the links will still be available.

FREE sample of Baby Formula.  I don't have kids but always take the 30 seconds to fill out the form as these are greatly needed donations to food banks across the map.  But it's an even better treat if you do have kiddos on formula.

FREE sample of Oxygen Botanicals Skin Care Sample.

FREE sample of Goodnights diapers.  I don't need these but am happy to add them to my donation box.

FREE sample of Lactaid.

FREE ( of Arm & Hammer toothpaste.

FREE Skincare sample.

FREE Bible on DVD.

FREE Sunless Tan coupon.  I've always wanted to try this!  *I can't get the actual number code to print for me.  It prints with the number space blank.  Anyone else having issues too?*

Thanks Mama's Spot, and Freebie Blogger!

Price Chopper Coupons

Don't forget to check the Price Chopper Facebook and website pages before heading out to do your Easter supper shopping.  They have some great coupons this week. 

Fresh Or Stale But Not With Chocolate I tried those Skittles Blenders.  And they are so gross.  I don't really know why I am surprised as I think regular Skittles are gross.  But these flavors take the ick to a whole new level.

I also bought what I had hoped would be a joyful treat.  Chocolate dipped Peeps.  I love Peeps.  Like LOVE LOVE.  If I have a package with two rows, I will eat one row fresh and then leave the other row to get stale.  Because everyone knows that Peeps are best when stale.  And while I am not a big chocolate lover, I figured that I would like them dipped just at the bottom. 

But I do not.

I don't hate them.  And certainly did not gag the way I did while tasting those icky Skittles.  But I will not be buying them again, that's for sure.  Peeps are perfection and don't need extra goop. 

Fresh or stale, as long as they are sans chocolate, Peeps are forever one of my favorite foods.

Honey Mustard Chicken And Rice

This is less of a recipe and more of a "hmmm...what's at home that I can use to make dinner tonight without running to the grocery store" meal.  But even though it's not the prettiest dish (a not-for-company-meal as I like to call them), it's super tasty and healthy.  Also, I rarely measure stuff.  So my measurements are just a guesstimate.  Use your best judgement and make it your own.

Honey Mustard Chicken and Rice

* 1/4 cup honey
* 1/3 cup mustard (I use spicy brown because I LOVE mustard.)
* 1 tsp. soy sauce
* 2-3 tbls. sour cream (I use fat free.  Mayo would work great too.)
* 1-2 tbls. EVOO
* 1 large chicken breast, cut in small chunks
* 1 can chick peas, drained and rinsed
* 3 half bags of frozen green veggies (I used collard greens, broccoli and peas.)
* 2 boxes/packages wild rice

* Mix together in small bowl the mustard, honey and soy sauce.  Add cut chicken.  Cover in plastic wrap.  Go walk the dog.

* Cook the rice.

* While rice is going, add EVOO to large pan and cook chicken on med-high.  Add frozen veggies.  Add any remaining honey mustard marinade from the chicken bowl.  Once the veggies are defrosted, the rice should be ready.  Add to pan.  Mix well and cook together for another few minutes.


If you are dairy free, just substitute mayo for the sour cream.  If you are vegetarian, just add an additional can of chickpeas.  Again, it's not company worthy.  But it makes a TON, is easy, low-fat, healthy, inexpensive and very yummy.

Print Now...Save For Later the image to print this coupon now.  I LOVE this Nivea lip stuff.  My absolute favorite!  I love that the light and dark blue caps are scent, flavor and color-less but they offer several great varieties.  And the cap covers the whole thing- much less likely to fall off at the bottom of my purse. 

A few months ago I snagged them for FREE with a similar coupon when they were on sale for $1 at Rite-Aid.  So print now (twice!) and keep it until we find another great sale.  They make great little happy prezzies for friends and family too. 

These coupons print up to three per page, FYI.  So you might as well print a few others (use the floss coupon to get it FREE at CVS this week).  And I love Olivia's Organics spinach if you are looking for other recommendations.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ready For Spring

I had more manufacturer coupons for Allegra Allergy and ran into Target to take advantage of the great deal this week.  I now have eight boxes.  Hopefully that holds my terrible allergies over as everything starts to grow and bloom outside!  I actually don't know what those Skittles are and will probably just give them away.  But they were FREE plus overage so they were worth picking up.

(2) Purina dog treats  reg. $2.96
(4) Allegra Allergy  reg. $7.14, sale $6.78
(4) Skittles Blenders  reg. $0.69

-(2) $2/1 Purina dog treats
-(2) $0.50/2 Skittles manu coupon
-(2) $1/2 Skittles Blenders Target coupon
-(4) $5/1 Allegra Allergy manu coupon
-(3) $2/1 Allegra Allergy Target coupon

Total value purchased ... $39.99
Paid out of pocket ... $0.30
Percentage saved ... 99.25%

FREE Allegra Allergy

I meant to post this deal the other day but well...I am just getting around to it now.  Which is find because I have an interesting update that I'd love to discuss.

So you can get Allegra Allergy for FREE (plus overage!) at Target this week.  This is great news for me.  Last weekend when I was organizing my pantry, I even organized all of my medicines.  Sounds like a rockin' weekend, I know.  Trust me, it was.  Ha.  But I realized that I have tons of heat patches, cold and flu meds and first aid stuff.  But I was running super low on allergy meds.  I have severe allergies and it's spring...not a good combo.  So for me, this might be even more kismet than the body wash deal.  And I clearly needed to pick up a few more items.  But didn't picture them.  As often happens, they were already put away and I was too lazy to set them up for a photo shoot.  Y'all know what milk looks like though.

(1) gallon of skim milk  reg. $2.69
(1) Ore Ida frozen hash brown potatoes  reg. $2.49
(2) Crackerfuls (for dad)  reg. $3?, sale $2
(1) Lysol Wipes  reg. $2.04, sale $1.89
(4) Allegra Allergy 5 ct  reg. $7.14, sale $6.78

-(1) $1.50/1 Lysol Wipes manu coupon
-(2) $2/1 Crackerfuls manu coupon from 4/17
-(4) $2/1 Allergra Allergy Target coupon
-(4) $5/1 Allegra Allergy manu coupon from 4/17

Total value purchased ... $44.23
Paid out of pocket ... $6.84
Percentage saved ... 84.5%

Not bad considering how many things I bought without coupons.  And the value of the medicine alone...I essentially paid for one box of Allegra at the sale price and got the rest for FREE. 

OK so here's what I want to talk to you about.  I had THE BEST CASHIER at Target.  She was all over coupons and she herself uses them.  She was giving me tips and telling me about other coupons to use.  So after she scanned the first Allegra Target print coupon, she asked if I wanted it back.  Huh?  Don't you need to keep it in your drawer?  She said that they just had a meeting about coupons and they are allowed to give customers back the Target print coupons to re-use.  I seriously asked her four times and she was very certain this was their new policy. 

I have no idea if this is widespread or if any other cashiers in my own store will follow this same guideline.  But I found it very curious.  Have y'all heard this too?  I am super pumped because I have more of the newspaper many Allegra coupons that I can now combine with those Target print coupons for even more great deals. 

Another note...if you store is already sold out of the Allegra (mine had tons but you never know), just go to customer service and get yourself a rain check.  It's very quick and easy.  They re-stock quickly so you will likely be able to get it again next week and still get the same deal.

I Just Had To Get Four More

So on Saturday I was down to a quarter of a bottle of body wash.  I was holding out to finally find a great deal on women's.  And my little soap gamble took a turn in my favor.  That's rare for me.

So on Sunday, not only was I able to take advantage of the great Nivea deal at Rite-Aid, I was also fortunate enough to find a few of the bottles on clearance.  Making my deal even sweeter.  I had four more coupons and ran into that same Rite-Aid on Tuesday to see if they had any left.  To my amazement they had a large display fully stocked.  So I snagged four more.  As well as a thing of Lysol wipes using this deal.

(1) Lysol Wipes  reg. $3.49, sale $2.50
(4) Nivea Body Wash  reg. $5.99, sale $3.99

-(1) $3/$15 Rite-Aid survey coupon
-(1) $1/1 Lysol Wipes Rite-Aid Video Values coupon
-(1) $1.50/1 Lysol Wipes manu coupon
-(4) $3/1 Nivea Body Wash many coupon

Total value purchased ... $29.65
Total paid out of pocket ... $2.20
Percentage saved ... 92.6%
Earned ... $5 + up Reward

I will now be clean until next year.  We can all rest easy!  I just couldn't resist taking advantage of this great deal as I had the extra coupons.  Oh and this visit went off without a hitch.  No drama.  The nice cashier took my coupons and all was right in the world again.  Outside of a few mean employees, Rite-Aid and Target really are my very favorite stores with the easiest (for me) to understand coupon policies.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I would never have purchased this stuff before couponing.  I never even looked at it.  Instead, I blindly grabbed the store brand, regardless of what store I was in, of liquid dishwasher detergent.  There was never standing around looking at what other brands and products were out there.  Just grab and go when it came to any and all cleaning supplies.

Now cleaning supplies are some of my favorite things to buy.  Because there are such great deals to be had when you combine a store sale plus store coupon plus manufacturer coupon.  I love that with coupons, I pay a tiny fraction of the price but use all the fun, new, fancy pants products.

The bad thing is that I am a total Finish addict now.  It would be mighty hard to go back to straining myself to squeeze a bottle.  Ha!  The good thing is that I have been able to get a year's supply of it already.  I'm not even embarrassed by that.  They stack well at the back of my hall closet, keep a long time, will be used, and might find their way into random prezzies too. 

The fun news today is that if you "like" Finish on Facebook, you will be able to print (twice- hit back page AFTER the first starts printing) a very high value coupon for $1.75/1.  As I am not at all in need of more, I will hang on to the coupons until I find a great sale price to combine them with for a rock bottom price.