Tuesday, January 31, 2012

FREE Tumbler

This is running s l o w but click HERE to request a free tumbler.  I use tumblers every single day.  Both for hot and cold drinks.  Love!

Monday, January 30, 2012

FREE Sample : Laundry Detergent

Click HERE to request a free sample of Purex laundry detergent.  I love love love these freebies.  Great to have on hand when you are running low, give to college kids, donate to food pantries, or keep for traveling.

FREE Quaker Oatmeal Square

First things first, I know I dropped off the coupon blog planet.  I'm working on it.  I promise.  But until then, here is a yummy freebie.  And if nothing else, I hope to have a little list of what's free with coupons this week up this evening.

Just click HERE to request your free Quaker Oatmeal Square.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Update : Two FREE Cans Of Baby Formula

Update: Thanks Sheila!  I actually scheduled this post a day ago but Blogger has a mind of its own these days and am only hopping on blogs for the first time now.  I didn't notice the fine print but it seems that the coupons need to be used on an item of $5 or more.  It does still make for a great deal though as they also sell (I think) the larger cans for (don't quote me- I will check tomorrow y'all) @$7. 
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this deal!  My Junior League collects baby diapers and formula to donate and I love being able to pick up things for FREE.  But these are great to have on hand for new moms, even if you are breastfeeding.  Or to give to friends. 

Click the image above to print out a $5/1 coupon for Enfamil formula.  After the first coupon starts printing, hit back page two or three times so that you can print a second coupon.  You should be able to print two coupons per computer. 

Then head to Walmart.  Where the small cans of Enfamil sell for $4.97 (at my store- I've read others saying they sell for even less in some areas).  After the coupon, it's completely FREE and possibly even a money maker if you can find it for less.

So please promise me that you will do this deal and donate the baby formula if you don't already plan to use it.  Formula is soooo expensive and soooo appreciated by food banks!

FREE Sample : Tena

Click the image to request a FREE sample of Serenity Tena Twist.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

FREE NeilMed Neti Pot

I got one of these for free years ago but have yet to work up the never to use it.  But I also don't wear contact lenses because they scare me too.  So don't base things on my irrational fears.  Click the image to request your FREE Neti Pot!

Thanks Erin!

Martha Stewart Magazine Is Free Again!

If y'all are not yet signed up to get a free year long subscription to Martha Stewart Living, this is yet another chance to sign up.  I've posted it on here several times already.  And this is how I get all of my magazines for FREE!  You do have to take a silly little quiz about watches or breakfast foods but start to finish, it's under five minutes.  So if you are still doubting me, just click the image above to sign up.  Yay for My Martha for FREE!  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

FREE One Week Supply Of Yogurt!

Wow, wow, wow!  I just did this and immediately got a confirmation email.  So it seems to be working.

The deal is that you need to watch this Youtube video (it's only 30 seconds) and then email the captions to FB@Voskos.com with your information.  Easy as ...well opening a yogurt!

Don't like eating yogurt plain (um, why?  it's delish!)?  You can use it in place of sour cream while baking, in things such as chicken salad, in eggs, and on baked potatoes.

Thanks Budget Savvy Diva!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More Price Chopper Coupons

If you like seltzer (I'm personally a big fan!), this coupon makes for a great price.  Click on coupons to print them out.

Price Chopper Coupons

Neither of these do much for me but then again, I am a Coke girl through and through.  GRITS (girls raised in the south) only drink (diet) Coke, y'all!  Nonetheless, click the images to go to the Price Chopper Facebook page to print them out.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Coupon Fairy Failure

So that's a great deal on Kleenex tissues and I wanted to use up my six coupons on the deal.  But as I was putting boxes in my cart, I decide to offer the deal with a coupon from my stack to this other woman standing next to me picking out a box of tissues for herself.  All excited to share, I explain that if she takes this coupon that I am handing her, it will make this box of tissues that I am also handing her just $0.25.  One little quarter!

I thought she would be excited.  She was clearly not brand loyal as she was looking at all the boxes and these are the fancy pants new tissues.  At a rock bottom price.

Well, here's how it played out...

Coupon Crocodile : Excuse me, but I have an extra coupon.  If you use this coupon to buy this box of tissues, it will double and make the box just twenty five cents!  These are the softest tissues too- you'll love them!

Lady in Price Chopper : What?

CC : Oh, I'm sorry.  Let me explain that if you give the cashier this coupon when checking out, it will make this box of tissues just a quarter.  Such a great deal.

LiPC : Well I don't know.  This box (points to another brand) used to have 180 tissues and now it only has 120 tissues but the price is the same. 

CC : Oh I know, prices keep going up.  (Thinking, duh!  That's just life!)  This box is only going to be $0.25 after the coupon though.

LiPC : Tissues used to come in such pretty boxes too but now they aren't as pretty.

CC : Oh, OK.  (still holding out the coupon but she is holding the tissues)

LiPC : I don't know if I should.  I better not.  I just don't know because this box used to have 180 and now it just has 120 and I can't decide.  I better not.  Here.  (hand me back the tissues)

CC : Are you sure?  With the coupon this box will just be $0.25?  I'm stocking up myself (it's the only thing in my cart really so that's obvious) because it's such a fantastic price. 

LiPC : Oh I better not.  I just can't decide.

And that is how I failed at being a coupon fairy this week.  You can't win them all I guess.  I tried.  Like obnoxiously hard.  But I couldn't convince this woman to use my coupon and save herself a lot of money.

So I used all six (in two transactions) myself and am not totally stocked up on tissues for the next 12 months at least. 

Have you tried these Kleenex Cool tissues?  OMG they are strange but great.  They really are cool to the touch which is awesome when you have a runny nose all winter long.

FREE Diapers

Click HERE to request a FREE sample of Huggies diapers.  No Sam's Club membership number is required.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Great Deals At Price Chopper

I found some great things at Price Chopper this week and wanted to share them before the week comes to an end so others can grab them too.

Kleenex Cool Touch tissues  reg. $2.19, sale $1.25
- $0.50/1 Kleenex Cool Touch (doubles up to $1)
= OOP $0.25!
* saved 89%

Barilla Pasta Sauce  reg. $2.59
- $1/1 Barilla Pasta Sauce
- Price Chopper dollar doubler
= OOP $0.59!
* saved 77%

President's Rondele Cheese Spread  reg. $6.99
- $2/1 Peelie coupon right on top of the packages
- $2/1 speciality cheese over $5.99 Price Chopper in ad coupon
= OOP $2.99
* saved 57%

Paper products keep well in the back of the closet.  I now easily have a 12-18 month supply of tissues.  Last year I did get a few boxes for free but $0.25 is pretty darn close to free and I love this brand.  Pasta sauce has a long shelf life too and I use it a LOT.  Not just on (gluten free) pasta but in a variety of other dishes too.  I should post some on here.  And the cheese has a good shelf life too but it also freezes well if you need it to last longer.  Great to have on hand for any and all occasions.  It was an unexpected find but I was thrilled to bits with the cheese purchase!

Did y'all have any unexpected grocery finds (at Price Chopper or elsewhere) this week?

Another Free Magazine Subscription : More Magazine

This one is new to me but I do love magazines.  It's my worst "trying so hard to be good to momma earth" habit.  We all have our vices though, right?

My Coupons Didn't Expire or The Best Feeling A Couponer Can Have.

Confession.  I have been sooo behind in organizing my coupons.  It happened to me this summer after being out of town a ton and then again in December when I was so super busy.  But what I thought was going to be a January of organization and accelerated couponing, has in reality been sort of a flop on my part.  Just keeping it real around here.  I've failed nearly all of my goals for this blog/my couponing progress. 

And that, my sweet couponaholic friends, is just life. 

But this week, despite being behind in three projects, I took action.  One is a huge work project that I needed to finish more than a week ago and has at least another week left on it.  But I knew for my sanity and bank account that I needed to tackle the coupon mountain that was growing each Sunday. 

So I organized.  Clipped.  Sorted.  Cleaned out old, expired coupons.  And inserted all my new coupons in my binders.

Do you hear the choirs of angels singing joyfully?  No?  Well trust me, the singing is there.  Even if just in my crazy head.  I am officially ORGANIZED!  And it feels spectacular.  Whew!

In this process, I realized that two coveted coupons for gluten free products (rare rare rare) were going to expire yesterday. 

The first (I only had one) was for a new to me product, $1.50/1 Van's gluten free waffles.  Not something I would typically purchase but sometimes you just need a treat.  I'll be back to let you know if they taste anything like Eggo.

The second (I had two) was for my favorite gluten free company ever.  $1/1 Udi's bread product.  The bagels were on sale this week for $5.59.  I used my doublers to get the four pack of bagels down to just $3.59.  Which is an awesome deal for Udi's!  If I were to have a top ten food list, it would absolutely include bagels.  I bet my top three list would too actually.  Udi's is not the same as a fresh Bruggers bagel.  BUT...it is the closest thing I have found in gluten free form.  They are really good and just make me joyful to have such a favorite ready to eat in the freezer.  It's the little things in life!

Even after coupons, these were not exactly cheap purchases, as far as extreme couponing goes.  And yet I still consider them to be awesome deals!  I have hope that with the continued popularity of couponing and consuming a gluten free diet, we will see more coupons for GF/celiac friendly products in the future. 

Isn't it just the best feeling to find those coveted super high value coupons and actually use them before they expire?!  Yay for me and my starchy stocked freezer!

Free Magzine Subscription : Martha Stewart Living

I post free things like this every once in a while if I think that y'all might like them.  And even if you won't admit it out loud, everyone has some sort of love for My Martha.  She's cold and emotionless, but she is also brilliant, creative and powerful.  I love her.  In that sort of I can't stand her but she's awesome sort of way.

Click the image to request a FREE one year subscription to Martha Stewart Living.  I use this site regularly to get free magazine subscriptions and they never require credit card info.  I would never recommend it otherwise.  You do have to take a short (and in my opinion, sort of dumb) quiz that takes no more than three minutes.  Usually about watches or yogurt or something silly like that.  And poof...in a few weeks you should have a magazine in your mailbox!

This is likely to run out quickly so act fast!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

FREE Sambazon Coupon

Click the image to "like" Sambazon on Facebook.  Then refer a friend and you should then be able to print out a coupon for a FREE bottle of Sambazon.  I am hoping to find these in the area where they Odwalla and other expensive drinks are sold.  Shelia mentioned she found it there in her Pchop.  Though have you noticed how some stores are so different from each other.  Even prices can be significantly different. 

FREE Box of Prevacid 24 Hour

Wozers!  Click the image (might be s l o w) to request a free coupon for a 14 count box of 24 hour Prevacid.  (coupon will be mailed)  This is a too hot to handle offer!  Act fast...

Free Bumper Sticker

Click HERE to request a free "I Love Vegetable Gardening" bumper sticker.  I ate salsa last night that was entirely grown in my own itty bitty garden and canned by yours truly to enjoy all winter long.  I totally pink puffy heart veggie gardening, yo!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

FREE Sample

Click HERE for a free sample of Stayfree liners with wings.  Always handy to keep in a bathroom drawer or suitcase...just in case!

Price Chopper Coupons

There are some great coupons for Price Chopper this week.  I think the carrots are a great price- happy to take advantage of that.  They keep well in the crisper drawer so I plan to pick up a few. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Clean House Is A Happy House

I popped into Price Chopper on my way to dinner tonight to pick up two bottles of Clorox Clean Up for just $1 each with the PC coupons.  That was just such an awesome price on a product that I use daily.

Thanks For The Coke, Price Chopper!

I love love loved the Coke deal at Price Chopper this week.  I do sort of wish I had gone a third time to pick up three more cases but in the end, six was what made it home.  They are actually not all for me- don't you worry your pretty little heads.  But at 3/$6, it was just too awesome to believe.

I also had THE BEST Price Chopper cashier ever!  The store I went to has actually given me a lot of trouble with coupons in the past.  And by past, I mean every time I am there.  They STILL do not know how the double coupon policy works and it is just so flippin' frustrating.  That is all on management's shoulders.  I don't blame cashiers for not getting proper training.

But last night, I scored the most cheerful, helpful, lovely cashier ever!  I plan to email the company about her awesomeness.  I sort of feel like they only hear from us about complaints.  This girl was great and deserves credit.

FREE Sample : Baby Formula

These samples are great to keep on hand for new mommas, give to a friend or donate to a food bank.  Just click HERE to request yours.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dog Food Money Maker

Wowie kazowie!  This is finally going to get me to drive over to Nisky for my very first trip to ShopRite!  Big moment.  I need to figure out what else I am going to get but I know for sure, I will be buying a bunch of dog food.

Buy $35 in Purina products, earn $20 in Reward Certificates.

Buy (4) Purina One Beyond Dog Food 3.5 lb bag, sale $5.49
-(4) $5/1 Purina One Beyond Dog Food 1/15 SS
= out of pocket $1.96 for FOUR bags or just $0.49/bag
~ And that gives you $21.96 towards the Reward Certificate (Which must be purchased in a single transaction- thanks Sheila- I am clearly not familiar with ShopRite yet.)

We have Sheila to thank for figuring out this awesome deal!

Friday, January 13, 2012

FREE Gluten Free Cookies

Do y'all use Sneakpeeq?  It's new to me but so far I have been elated with the program.  It's similar to Ruelala and Groupon (there's a great deal on Bruggers there today too!) in that it has daily deals that last a limited period of time.  The way it works though is you have to "peek" at the prices to see what kind of great deal they are offering.  You have about 20 peeks/day at first and using them up eventually earns you more peeks/day. 

Right now if you join, you automatically earn a $10 credit!

And these yummy GLUTEN FREE cookies are just $8 (plus shipping).  So you will get them for FREE (before shipping) when your credit is automatically applied!

Don't want cookies, they also sell a fun variety of housewares and clothing.  A few weeks ago I snagged four coupons for a FREE pint of Talenti gelato or sorbetto for just $7 (that includes what I paid for shipping).  The coupons are valued up to $5.99.  But per coupon, I paid just $1.75!  I can't wait to enjoy some yummy gelato when it warms up around here.

Let me know if you find anything fun from Sneakpeeq, too!

FREE Bleach At Price Chopper

This is perfection as I just ran out of bleach!  We can get it for FREE through Sunday at Price Chopper! 

Clorox Bleach  sale $1.99
- (1) Price Chopper $1 coupon
- (1) Clorox $0.50/1 coupon (will double)

**Note: I have been trying to post this for HOURS and Blogger keeps moving it to draft even after I triple check that it is scheduled.  This happens to me ALL THE TIME too.  If anyone has a solution to this very very frustrating problem, I would love advice. 

FREE Magazine Subscription : Better Homes & Gardens

Click HERE to request a FREE subscription to Better Homes & Gardens!  I LOVE this magazine so here's hoping we are all able to get in our requests on time.

FREE ZarBee's Cough Syrup

Click HERE to "like" ZarBee's on Facebook and then request a FREE sample!

FREE Drink With Meal

Click HERE to print off a coupon to use at Panda Express for a FREE 22oz drink with purchase of an entree plate.  Happy Chinese New Year, y'all!

FREE Samples

Click the image to request a bunch of FREE P&G samples.  Get samples of Always, Crest, Dawn, Downy, Pampers Cruisers and Prilosec.

FREE Sample

Click HERE to request a Free sample of Hyalo GYN gel.

Price Chopper Coupons

According to the Price Chopper Facebook page, Saturday is National Sandwich day.  And they want you to make up a bunch of sammys to share with your family and friends.  Mmmm!  Click any of the images to print them out.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

FREE Green Cleaning Products

Wow- this is an exciting one!  Click the link above to request a FREE Green Cleaning product.  My house could use a good scrub down!

FREE Sample : Disposable Gloves

Click HERE to request a free set of disposable gloves.  These always come in handy so it's nice to find a freebie to keep in the kitchen drawer.  

FREE Magazine Subscription : La Cucina Italiana


Click the link to request a FREE subscription to La Cucina Italiana magazine.  This one is new to me but I love love love food/cooking magazines so I'm pretty excited!