Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Free Drinks From Starbucks

I had to pop on here to share this fun program at Starbucks.  Now through the end of September, you can use this reward card to earn a free drink at Starbucks after your purchase of four.  Yay!  It's nearly pumpkin spice latte season!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Free HammerMill Printer Paper

I've been waiting for the free printer paper deals at Staples to re-appear.  Yay! 

HammerMill paper  $6.99
- $2/1 coupon
= OOP $4.99
~ Submit for $4.99 rebate

In the end.... FREE!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Free Candy Bar

This is fun!  Just click the link and it takes about seven seconds to request a FREE candy bar at CVS.  Yay!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Price Chopper Coupons

Found HERE.

Today is the LAST day for the dollar double coupon.  But these three others were added and are good all week!  I had THE BEST time finally using all my doubles in two transactions yesterday.  I have a freezer now full of coffee creamer, a drawer full of fresh mozzarella cheese to use with my abundant tomatoes in my garden and 48 big rolls of toilet paper, to name a few. 

I have not had that great of a week shopping at Price Chopper in a long while.  Here's hoping it is a sign of the future at the good 'ole P Chop!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Most Amazing Coupons

Coupons found HERE.

Dear Price Chopper,

These are the best coupons evah!  You rock!  Way to step it up. 

Coupon Croc

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Produce Coupons

I think the Bayer coupon is to combat the carb headache you will have after scarfing down corn and potatoes in the same week!  All coupons found HERE.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Free Swiffer Today

It looks like there will be a giveaway for FREE Swiffer Wet Jet pads at some point today.  So be sure to like them on Facebook and check back often.  I will be sure to post when I notice the giveaway is live.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

More Price Chopper Coupons

All coupons found here.

Price Chopper Coupons

I'm excited to try the gelato.  I've been staring at it for a while now, hoping for a coupon.  Yay!  Hopefully it's as good as the delicious but expensive Talenti.  All coupons found here.

$1 Ice Cream and $0.38 Pepsi

At 10:30 PM on Saturday night, sweaty and hot and exhausted from my day, I stopped into Price Chopper to pick up three more things before the clock struck midnight and sales changed.

You see, I forgot to bring the Facebook coupons with me while grocery shopping earlier in the week.  And I really really wanted to pick up two half gallons of Breyers coffee ice cream for just $1 each.  I had the coupons with me and just made sure Pchop was on my way home.

Honestly, I might start doing all my shopping after 8PM.  No one was even in the store and it was so fabulous!

Purchased (in two transactions)...
(2) Breyers half gallon ice cream  reg. $4.29, sale $3.50
- (1) FB coupon $2/ea
- (1) $0.50/1 print coupon
= OOP $1/ea
~ Saved 77%

(1) Caf Free Diet Pepsi  reg. $1.67
- (1) $0.38/ea Shop Rite coupon
= OOP $0.38
~ Saved 77%

Totally worth a quick detour into Price Chopper after 10 PM!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Price Chopper Grocery Shopping

I had a pretty good trip to Price Chopper yesterday.  It wasn't a TV trip where you get all of this for a penny.  It was a realistic trip where I save a good chunk of change.  And that's the goal, right?!

So this was literally my whole trip.  I rarely show everything as there are things that were not on sale and did not have a coupon.  But that's how normal folks shop so I thought I would get my act together to show you what I purchased.

Purchased ...
(4) baking potatoes  reg. $0.99/lb

(1) bunch of bananas  reg. $0.49/lb

(1) head of iceberg lettuce  reg. $1.49

(1) cantalope  reg. $2.50
 - (1) ShopRite coupon $0.38

(2) bags Dole salad  reg. $1.50
-(2) $0.75/1 print coupon
= OOP Free!

(1) rotisserie chicken  reg. $4.99

(1) Palmolive dish soap  reg. $1.79
- (1) $1.50/$1.50 soap catalina
= OOP $0.29

(1) All 24 ct laundry pods  reg. $5.99, sale $3.99
- (1) $0.75/1 All coupon
- (1) $2/$2 laundry detergent catalina
= OOP $0.49

(1) Charmin triple mega roll toilet paper  reg. $8.99
- (1) $1.50/$1.50 bath tissue catalina
= OOP $7.49 or $0.42/single roll

(2) Sweet Leave Iced Tea  reg. $1.29, sale $1
- (2) $0.55/1 coupon
= OOP Free!

(1) Diet Pepsi  reg. $1.67
- (1) ShopRite coupon $0.38

(2) Gerber pouches  reg. $1.59, sale $1.33
- (2) $0.75/1 print coupon
= OOP Free!

(1) bag of sugar  reg. $2.50

(1) Sour Cream  reg. $1.50

(1) butter quarters  reg. $2.55

(2) Oscar Mayer turkey bacon  reg. $3.29, sale $2.99
- (2) $0.55/1 coupon SS 6/24
= OOP $1.89

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lots of Great Sales On Ruelala Right Now

Do you Rue?  Ruelala that is.  I LOVE this site.  And my very favorite designer is on sale right now.  Lilly Pulitzer!  I bought the pink shirt below.  I already have it in pale pink and am excited to add this one to the closet.

But there are tons of great finds on there every day.  New sales start at 11AM EST every day.  So be sure to check often.  And set up reminders to be emailed to you for your favorites.

Ruelala seriously has some of the best deals around for everything from clothing, shoes, and accessories to children's clothing to food to vacations and more!

All sorts of gifts for your man or your home or your next dinner party too!

FREE McDonald's Chicken Bites...Hurry!

Hurry over to your My Coke Rewards account to get a coupon mailed to you for a FREE McDonald's Chicken McBites.  No points required!