Friday, January 14, 2011

I Did It!

I've been obsessively reading coupon blogs and newspapers and grocery websites.  I am determined to become a crazy couponer.  It has fascinated me for years but I finally have the fire to figure it all out.  It's not a quick process to learn.  I imagine it's easier if you are lucky enough to live in a city catered to by those websites telling you what to buy and when based on coupons and sales.  I wouldn't know.  But it turns out there are some awesome bloggers out there.  Of course.  Bloggers rock my pink socks!

I never in a million years thought I would really figure out how to buy my groceries for free.  But yesterday, I did it.  Big binder in hand.  In Rite-Aid for the second time in my life (the first being last week).  Kelloggs cereals are buy one, get one free.  Which is a good deal by itself.  They sell for about $4.75/each.  But I had a few coupons for $1/2.  Taking my total for two boxes from about $10 down to under $4.  Or less than $2/box.  That's an even better deal.  BUT...thanks to reading blogs....I knew to look for the boxes that were labeled "Try Me Free."  I knew that I could buy that box, mail in for my rebate, and get a check for $4.49 back from Kelloggs.  So in a few weeks when that check arrives, I will have made about $0.35 on each box of cereal.  That's right...they PAID me to buy cereal.  A PROFIT.  I did this transaction twice, buying a total of four boxes.  So I saved nearly $20 and profited a buck and change!

Now I am not running to the bank with my quarters.  But that sure beats paying $5/box of cereal.  It's not that I am opposed to paying for things.  But realizing that I can pay a whole heck of a lot less for things makes me realize just how much money I have thrown away for no good reason.  I have seen the light, my friends!  In just two little weeks I have learned to buy toothpaste and cereal for free.  This is going to be a very lesson-filled year...I can feel it.  Bring it on, 2011.  I'm so ready!

The funny thing is that I gave all four boxes to my father because I am gf and can't eat them.  Even funnier was the lengthy (in case you've not yet noticed, all of my stories are loooong) explanation to dear old daddy-o regarding why I was buying cereal I cannot eat.  As always, he was amused.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Free Halls

At my Target, Halls are $1.22.  I used one $1/1 coupon and one $0.50/1 coupon (one was a manufacturer coupon and one was a Target coupon so I could use both) and got them for free.  I printed two, did two separate transactions, and walked away with two bags for FREE.  I am hoping if I have them on hand, I won't actually get sick and need them this winter! 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

More Free Toothpaste and Floss

I found this via Hip2Save and she said there have been mixed reviews.  But I took my chances and placed an order- though I had to re-sign in a dozen times which was rather annoying.

But Medco Health Store is having lots of sales.  For example, Aim toothpaste.  Not a brand I know of but I figure that toothpaste is toothpaste and if I hate it I can give it away.  Normally sells for $1.59.  On sale for $0.99.  BUT BUT... there is a sale running on top of that.  If you buy four, get $4 off.  So do the toothpaste.  Unknown brand is looking better by the minute, isn't it!  I bought 16 tubes of toothpaste (cost to me $0.00) and 5 packages of Butler dental floss (cost to me $0.45).  Shipping, no matter how much you purchase, is only $0.99.  My total order for all of that was a whopping $1.44.  That's a savings of $30.94!!

Of course I realize there is a chance, based on the mixed blogger reviews, that the order will be cancelled.  But I figured it was worth a try.  I'll be sure to post again if they cancel it.  Or if it arrives safe and sound. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Two More Mommy Mags

Two more FREE magazine subscriptions are available.  I promise to stop talking about magazines at some point in the immediate future.  Click the photo for the link.

Thanks Hip2Save for the tip!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Price Chopper: Yogurt For $0.30

I also bought Dannon Light 'n Fit yogurt for $0.30/each.

Here's how...

Use the Price Chopper coupon from Sunday's paper for 20/$8.
Use two (I bought four papers last Sunday so I have quadruple of everything on hand at the moment) $1/10 Dannon yogurt coupons.

20 Dannon Lite 'n Fit yogurt cups for $6.

Yogurt freezes great so there is no reason not to stock up.  You can also use it as a substitute for oil in baking, to thicken sauces and it makes a great meat marinade. 

My process is sloooow but I am already totally addicted to working the coupon system.  I'm actually having a ball reading fun new blogs and figuring out what deals are available in my area.

Even More To Read...For FREE!

More free magazines for y'all...

Click the photo to sign up for 2 free issues.

Click the photo for 12 free issues- a full year subscription.

Click here for 9 digital issues of Yoga Journal.

Click here for 9 digital issues of Backpacker Magazine.

Click here for 1 issue of Bridal Guide.

Happy (FREE) reading!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another Free Magazine

Another one I've never seen but I bet young kids would love a FREE TWO year subscription to Lego Magazine. 

Click here to sign your little one up. 

Oh and if you are worried about giving your name out, I actually use my dog's name a lot too.  Sometimes it makes me feel safer. 

Free Magazine

Free magazine subscription for Rogue Magazine.  I'm not even sure what this magazine is but I love magazines and I love love free.  I receive at least a dozen magazine subscriptions.  (Don't judge- it's my thing- I really love reading magazines.)  And paid for only one of them ($5 on Amazon).  I will try to be better about posting when I find free magazine links.

Thanks Krazy Coupon Lady for the head's up!

My First Freebie

Thanks to the advice on other blogs (listed a right), I went to Rite Aid for the first time in my life.  It's not that I had anything against Rite Aid or other drug stores.  But I can buy everything in the grocery store, so figured why make a separate trip.  Well, coupon friends, I have seen the light!

I had one $1/1 Colgate toothpaste coupon from a few weeks back and two $0.50/1 coupons from last Sunday's paper.  Found the Colgate toothpaste selling for $1.  Walked out with three tubes (that will last me a long time- I don't have kids) for only $1!  I know most super couponers get toothpaste for free, and one of my tubes as actually FREE.  But three for a buck makes each tube only $0.33.  I used to think $2 was a good deal.  Yikes.

Then, with more fabulous blog tips, I went to try out the Nestle/Purina Catalina deal at Price Chopper (my regular grocery store for any who are curious).  Purina Beneful is my usual dog food and I will run out in a day or so.  I typically buy the smaller bag though because I worry that the food in a large bag will go stale before I can use it up.  I have a small dog who eats 1 cup of food/day.  BUT, I noticed that the big bags (which are less per ounce), now have a zip top.  Probably to cater to people like me.  Nice!  The deal was if you buy $25 worth of Nestle/Purina products, you get a $10 OYNO (look at me already using blog coupon lingo like a pro- hehe) Catalina.  I bought two bags at $12.79 (regularly $15.99- on sale in store).  AND IT WORKED!  So I have a Catalina coupon to use in the next two weeks for $10!  I LOVE LOVE that. 

I know these are small beans to some.  But for me, this was a big deal.  I was so nervous to walk in with my binder.  Didn't know what to do with it exactly. But I worked so darn hard putting this binder together that I WILL use it.  It just takes time to get the hang of it all.  I ended up making up my own categories based on my store and how I typically travel through the store.  Plus added tabs for extras like Rite Aid only (because I got $1 up reward on my first visit today!) and clothing, restaurants, etc.  Basically I modified it to fit my need and habits.  I love it!

So there you go.  A few days in and I am already finding success.  Here's hoping I start getting the hang of things soon...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Getting Started

I've decided that The Krazy Coupon Lady's system, involving clipping ALL her coupons and placing them into plastic baseball card album pages, makes the most sense for me.  So I set out yesterday afternoon to pick up her suggest two packages of baseball card album pages.  I was already at Target and walked all over the darn store.  (You should know that Tar-jay is my mecca so I was sort of OK with this.)  I asked three employees and they all sent me different directions on a hunch.  All were wrong and I eventually left.

My Target is very close to Walmart (the one in Latham- which by the way has it's frozen and fridge foods selection up and running and starting to get stocked as of this week) so I popped in to find them.  30 minutes later, with the determination of an insane person, after asking no fewer than five very hard to find employees, after hunting down a male employee specifically thinking he would surely know (he didn't- and in the end he was standing about 10 feet from them), getting incorrect directions but they got me close enough...I finally found them. 

So let me give folks a head's up.  Baseball card plastic sheet binder protector things are located with the baseball cards in the very front of the store on the last check out lane aisle.  They are not in crafts, paper/plastics, office supply, sports, electronics, scrapbooking, sewing, stationary, or toys/games.  In case you were wondering.  They sell for about $5.50 for a package of 35.  I have no idea if that's a good deal but after spending nearly an hour and two stores searching for them, they were coming home with me regardless.

Tonight...the great coupon clip begins!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

In The Beginning

I have always had coupon intentions.  And in recent years used a few here and there.  But this year, 2011, is my year to become the crazy coupon lady.  I have zero intention of buying 100 candy bars, knowing I would never even eat two.  And I am gluten intolerant, so most cereals are out of the question for me.  But you better believe if I can walk out of a store with four boxes of gluten full cereal and six cans of green beans (which I also will not eat), I would do so gladly.  And give them to a very deserving food bank in my neighborhood. 

But my primary intention to to really work the deals to get the prices waaay down.  If others can do it, I can too.  I am realistic though.  I know I am not going to run over to Price Chopper tomorrow and walk out with $100 worth of food for free.  But after doing way too much reading on the topic, I really believe it can be possible to at least cut my bills in half.  And if that's possible, then why the heck not.  Just think of what you can do with an extra few bucks each week.  Now double that.  Or more. 

So my adventure begins.  This blog is (at this point, anyway) intended for my own organizational sake.  It's easier to post links to other blogs and such on here.  I have been blogging for so long on my other two lifestyle and food blogs that I am just more comfortable in blogger than I am anywhere else.  Plus, I really hope to find other like-minded shoppers in the NY Capital Region to share tips and tricks and sale finds.  So if you are local and reading, please be sure to say hello.  Let's compare notes and coupons!

Cheers to a fabulous and less expensive New Year!