Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ball Canning Jars At A Crazy Great Price

Do you can?  I do.  Not much.  A few preserves.  To use mostly as gifts.  Salsa.  Which I give sparingly as gifts because I hoard it for myself.  And sometimes something quirky like pickled watermelon rind or banana pineapple jam.

But jars are awesome for a million other uses.  Like vases or storage or casual water glasses and the list goes on.  Check out Pinterest for awesome ideas.

Plus, jars last forever.  Seriously, they are a lifetime purchase.  You just need to buy new tops if you plan to can with them. 

Right now, Lowes has them on a crazy, super awesome sale.  Prices and availability vary by region.  Because the best deal is to ship them for free to the store.  So you are limited to what your store has available. 

But at these prices, I am absolutely stocking up for next summer's canning. 

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