Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How To Prepare For A Hurricane

This is what I ran out and picked up at Target and CVS and the dollar store yesterday in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy.

Half and half for my coffee.
Diet Coke. (2L on sale for $0.88 this week)
Candles.  ($1 from Dollar General)
Applesauce squeezy thingies.  Just in case.  Plus, I love them.  Great to toss in a bag for a snack on the go.

Notice that my haul does not include batteries.  I searched high and low for D batteries to use in an old boom box in case of power outage.  But it seems that everyone else beat me to the punch.  Which makes sense as I went on this big search around 2 in the afternoon.

Bottom line.  I was happy as a clam.  I had a chicken in the crockpot and a big glass of wine and all my necessities at the ready.  Just in case.

How did you prepare for Hurricane Sandy?  And did your area have much damage?  I hope not!

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