Saturday, January 8, 2011

More Free Toothpaste and Floss

I found this via Hip2Save and she said there have been mixed reviews.  But I took my chances and placed an order- though I had to re-sign in a dozen times which was rather annoying.

But Medco Health Store is having lots of sales.  For example, Aim toothpaste.  Not a brand I know of but I figure that toothpaste is toothpaste and if I hate it I can give it away.  Normally sells for $1.59.  On sale for $0.99.  BUT BUT... there is a sale running on top of that.  If you buy four, get $4 off.  So do the toothpaste.  Unknown brand is looking better by the minute, isn't it!  I bought 16 tubes of toothpaste (cost to me $0.00) and 5 packages of Butler dental floss (cost to me $0.45).  Shipping, no matter how much you purchase, is only $0.99.  My total order for all of that was a whopping $1.44.  That's a savings of $30.94!!

Of course I realize there is a chance, based on the mixed blogger reviews, that the order will be cancelled.  But I figured it was worth a try.  I'll be sure to post again if they cancel it.  Or if it arrives safe and sound. 

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