Sunday, January 2, 2011

Getting Started

I've decided that The Krazy Coupon Lady's system, involving clipping ALL her coupons and placing them into plastic baseball card album pages, makes the most sense for me.  So I set out yesterday afternoon to pick up her suggest two packages of baseball card album pages.  I was already at Target and walked all over the darn store.  (You should know that Tar-jay is my mecca so I was sort of OK with this.)  I asked three employees and they all sent me different directions on a hunch.  All were wrong and I eventually left.

My Target is very close to Walmart (the one in Latham- which by the way has it's frozen and fridge foods selection up and running and starting to get stocked as of this week) so I popped in to find them.  30 minutes later, with the determination of an insane person, after asking no fewer than five very hard to find employees, after hunting down a male employee specifically thinking he would surely know (he didn't- and in the end he was standing about 10 feet from them), getting incorrect directions but they got me close enough...I finally found them. 

So let me give folks a head's up.  Baseball card plastic sheet binder protector things are located with the baseball cards in the very front of the store on the last check out lane aisle.  They are not in crafts, paper/plastics, office supply, sports, electronics, scrapbooking, sewing, stationary, or toys/games.  In case you were wondering.  They sell for about $5.50 for a package of 35.  I have no idea if that's a good deal but after spending nearly an hour and two stores searching for them, they were coming home with me regardless.

Tonight...the great coupon clip begins!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Local! I'm sorry to read about your run around. I'm not sure if that was a good deal on the plastic sleeves. I took mine from my son. He had a ton of empty plastic sleeves after selling all his Pokemon cards. I agree, the coupon binder is the best way to organize your coupons. Just curious, which store do you feel has the best deals for groceries? I always thought it was Price Chopper but they've been giving me a problem with coupons lately.

Jayna said...

I have been wondering what your binder consisted of, so I searched back to your first month of posting. Thanks. I think that we may have some of these from our Garbage Pail Kids collection. The little folio I have just gets WAY WAY WAY too disorganized. I will also check out your link for further details and instructions.