Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Heart CVS

First, I heart CVS because they are so nice about honoring ECBs that are a day or two expired.  In my experience, no other store will do that.  Not Rite Aid or Walgreens.  But always they are totally awesome sauce!

I also realized that I had three coupons for FREE PRODUCTS that were about to expire.  Two coupons for FREE Suave Professionals products and one for a John Frieda hair color up to $12.99.  So I ran (not booty is still fat as can be....I drove thankyouverymuch) over to CVS and grabbed my freebies.

Other than the Diet Coke that was a total impulse purchase, everything went toward my stockpile.  I love buying things for free to keep me stocked.  This means that when I need them, I don't have to pay full price.  Love that!

(3) Hallmark Cards  reg. $0.99
(1) John Frieda hair color  reg. $13.29, sale $12
(1) John Frieda hair color  reg. $13.29, sale $3.32*
(2) Suave Professionals hairspray  reg. $3.39
(1) Bottle of Crack Diet Coke  reg. $1.77

-(1) $12.99 - Free John Frieda Hair color
-(2) $3.39 - Suave Professionals product
- $5 ECB

Total value purchased ... $38.11
Paid out of pocket ... $2.12
Percentage saved ... 94%
Earned ... (1) $3 ECB from purchase of three Hallmark cards and (1) $5 ECB from purchase of $15 worth of John Frieda products 

* I spotted the darker hair color box on clearance and also the hang tag noting the ECB deal- earn $5 ECB with the purchase of $15 worth of John Frieda products.  I will donate this box and really only purchased it so that I could have a little money maker.  Just to clarify that my hair is not two colors.  Just one.  


Sheila said...

My CVS takes expired ECBs up to 2 weeks late - good thing as I am so bad that way! Nice trip.

Sheila said...

& LOL at the disclaimer.."my hair is not two colors"