Monday, February 6, 2012

More Stayfree Than I Know What To Do With

OK so rumor had it that if you purchased three Stayfree and then in a second transaction two more Stayfree, it would trigger a total of five $2 +up Rewards. 

So I did that. didn't really pan out for me.  The second transaction didn't trigger any +up Rewards. 

But as I used coupons and +ups to pay for the second transaction, it only cost me tax out of pocket.  I didn't think it was worth the return to lose the coupons and +ups that I just handed over.  So I shrugged it off and assumed the glitch had been fixed already (it was about 4PM when I did the second transaction).

I don't need any of these though.  I have so many of these types of products that my supply will easily last me a year.  And I can't justify keeping any more than that when they go on sale every other month, if not more.  So they will make a nice addition to my donation pile.  Which is actually low because I just brought a huge bag with me last week to the Capital District Rescue Mission (nothing to do with the blog but this place is completely awesome!).  So yay for donations.  Boo for a deal not quite working out the way I planned.

That said, it was still totally a great deal! 

Also, my favorite Rite Aid didn't blink when I made two purchases yesterday.  To be clear, I did actually leave the store but came back on my way home and had the same cashier.  Which is good because I promise you I would not go back later in the week if I was denied the option to buy more products yesterday.  Most.  Ridiculous.  Policy.  Ever.  But I have a feeling the stores agree and are just flat out ignoring it.  I mean, why would you turn away more sales?!

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