Saturday, February 12, 2011

$0.03/Load Of Laundry...That's What I Call A Steal!

A few weeks ago, I noticed a few $2 off one coupon hang tags on Wisk laundry detergent at Target stores.  I took two.  And used them, along with my four newspaper coupons, this past week at CVS to score a great deal.  75% off each bottle when you use coupons and the B1G1 deal.  I thought I had really scored.

Until tonight when I popped into Target to buy a few quick items.  As I was passing the laundry detergent aisle, I saw one of those coveted hang tags.  I grabbed it and searched in hopes of finding a second.  I thought if I could find one more, I might run down the road to grab two more deals from CVS.  No luck.  Oh well.  I tucked the one inside my binder, knowing it was a great find all the same.  I went about my shopping as planned and as any good crazy coupon-aholic does, cruised by the endcaps on my way to checkout. 

And what did my little eye spy?  Wisk laundry detergent, 26 load, on clearance for $2.78.  With my newly picked up $2/1 hang tag coupon, it made the detergent just $0.78/each.  I busted a move back over to the regular detergent aisle and did one more double take for coupons.  And I totally found one more!

So I scored 2 bottles of 26 load Wisk for el cheap-o at Target today!  Woo-hoo!  Add that to the six bottles I bought from CVS and I can easily do all of my laundry without worry for the next many many months.

My former Tide is the only detergent for my household booty has seen the brand flexibility light!

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