Saturday, February 26, 2011

Good Week At Price Chopper

One of my neighbors gives me her coupons each week and I finally figured out why one sent is different.  They are the coupons for the following week.  I've yet to determine how this happens but I am not complaining.  It gives me more time to plot out my shopping. 

So for those of us in the Capital District where we never have double coupons, we are getting two double coupons (on orders over $25) this week.  I hate that min purchase stipulation as we are only able to use two per transaction.  I get 4-5 papers and am never able to use all my double coupons.  But then again, beggars can't be choosers and double two things is better than nothing.  I assume those of you who are lucky ducks to get doubles daily, will get triples.

But there's more!  There is an extra Price Chopper/P&G coupon page too with some great deals.

* Tide Stain Release FREE with coupon when you also buy Downy 103 oz and Bounce 120 ct.  I have coupons for both Downy and Bounce that are about to expire making this a better deal. 

* Oral B Pulsar Toothbrush FREE with coupon when you also buy Head and Shoulders 25.4 oz and Duracel AA or AAA 10 pack.

* Fabreeze Set & Refresh Air Freshener FREE with coupon when you also buy Charmin Bath Tissue 24 pack and Freshmates 3 pack.  I am not sure what Freshmates is to be honest.

* Olay Body Wash with Ribbons FREE with coupon when you also buy Pantine 25.4 oz and Ivory Soap 10 pack.

* 1 ct. Bounce Dryer Bar FREE with coupon when you also buy Bounty Napkins 160 ct. and Cascade Dish Detergent 75 oz.

* Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste FREE with coupon when you also buy Crest Pro-Health Rinse 33.8 oz and Swiffer Refills 12-16 ct.

I am still having quite a difficult time finding good coupon deals at Price Chopper and to date I have only found PChop bloggers who also live in the double coupons daily zone.  And y'all are AMAZING (especially I Am That Lady- you rock with your weekly email and posts- thank you!) but I am struggling to figure out how to regularly get good deals in the Capital Region too.  I score big time at CVS and Rite-Aid and Target.  Rite-Aid and Target have become my favorite places to shop actually.  Which is funny because I had never set foot in a Rite-Aid until I started couponing after the first of January.  But neither sell regular groceries (produce, meat, etc).  So while after less than two months of being a coupon-aholic I can boast a year's supply of dish washing detergent and dish washing soap, a six month (or more) of laundry detergent and a two year supply (I need to give some away soon so I don't become a hoarder) of toothpaste, I am not yet really stocking up on many groceries outside of yogurt. 

I know it all takes time to learn.  And I am trying hard to be patient.  But if you are a local Cap Region blogger, please tell me so I can follow you. 

Oh and for those in my area, I was in the Target over by the Colonie Mall this week and they had areas blocked off for construction and it looked like they might be growing into a true Super Target.  But by the time I got to the check-out and had issues with scanning my printed coupons, I totally forgot to ask about this hunch.  I've never seen a Super Target but would be elated if we got one finally in the Cap Region.  Does anyone know if this is true or am I just starting a rumor here?


I am THAT lady said...

You're welcome KK! You are doing great!!!

I am THAT lady said...

Do you live near a Shop-Rite? They double coupons...