Saturday, February 26, 2011

Crest Wisps Under $0.04 Each

I went to buy one more Purex liquid detergent at CVS today.  But they were out.  And the line was a mile long (that's what happens the day after a big snow storm) so I decided not to ask for a Rain Check.  But I would scan my card and my dad's card for coupons.  But the machine said it was out of paper.  I found a gal stocking a shelf and told her.  She said she would fix it right away.  I circled and circled and circled.  It never got fixed.  But in my circle stalling, I found the much talked about (on coupon blogs that is) Crest Wisps.  They sure are pricey for what are essentially four toothpicks with flavored gel in them.  But I love the idea of having them handy in my car and purse as I don't like to chew gum normally.

Much to my surprise, the cinnamon flavor were marked down from $2.59 to $0.64 per pack of four.  I knew I had $0.50/1 coupons.  Four in fact.  So a few moments later when I gave up on the red coupon machine ever being fixed, I paid just $0.64 for FOUR 4-pack of cinnamon flavor Crest Wisps.  Even the check out guy was impressed!  So if you are near a CVS tomorrow, you might look to see if yours are marked down too.


nanaurey said...

Where did you get the .50 off coupon for the wisps? I went today and my cvs has them for .64 (which is good) but would love to get them for .04. :)

Coupon Crocodile said...

They were in the newspaper- SS maybe? But they have since expired. I'll let you know if I spot another good deal on them though as I think they are cute and handy to have around.