Thursday, July 14, 2011

Don't Overlook The Dollar Store

So I don't get much from the dollar stores as we can often save more using coupons elsewhere.  I do swear by their gift bags though.  Great variety and serve their purpose.

But I also pick up a few random food items when I happen to notice them.  I use garlic and onion just about every evening.  And while fresh is great, I have to admit that a jar of minced garlic (it's just garlic in water) is super duper convenient.  I've been out for a while and finally saw jars in my favorite dollar store the other day.  So I bought three!  I also picked up a jar of salsa.  I've never bought it there before and doubt I would ever use it with chips as a dip.  But I figure its a good staple to have on hand to add into foods.  I go through salsa like water so this is worth a try.

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