Friday, July 1, 2011

Rite Aid : I Should Have Planned Better

So I planned to do a quick little run to Rite Aid.  But I have yet to clip coupon from the last TWO weeks.  So I've not even really looked at this week's ads.  What can I say, I was out of town and then busy.  But I should have paid closer attention.

You see, I planned to use up some coupons (the PowerAde was expiring on the 30th) and a $10 +up Reward.  So to get to the +up Reward mark, I picked up the two Snickers (they are BOGO).  I needed a boost to get me higher.

But...what I didn't realize was that the PowerAde was on sale for just $1 this week.  And then the cashier gave me the full value on the BOGO coupons (so each subtracted $1.49).  Which all significantly lowered my total.  I know what you're thinking..."but that's a good thing, right?"  Yes, it's good.  But it messed up my plan.  My +up Reward plan, to be specific.

What I should have done was either remove the two Snickers or add something of a $0.38 or greater value and used my $2.99 +up Reward too.  But I just couldn't think on the fly like that to figure out what went wrong with my big plan.

So I paid more out of pocket than I intended for things I didn't necessarilly need.  I mean, it's nice in the summer months to have PowerAde and such on hand, but it's not necessary by any stretch.  I do use the baby wipes daily to remove make-up and clean off flip flop feet.  But I also just bought a pack so I didn't need them.  You see what I mean? 

But I guess we all win some and lose some.  And I did do pretty well in the end.  Just not as well as I had planned.

Purchased ...
(1) Huggies Wipes  reg. $8.49, sale $2.12
(2) Dial Nutra Skin Lotion  reg. $6.99, sale $3.50
(2) Snickers  reg. $0.99, sale BOGO
(6) PowerAde  reg. $1.49, sale $1

Minus ...
-(2) $2/1 Dial Nutra Skin Lotion coupon
-(3) BOGO (-$1.49) PowerAde coupon
-$5 +up Reward

Total value purcahsed ... $36.36
Paid out of pocket ... $3.93
Percentage saved ... 89.2%
Earned ... (1) $1 +up Reward from 2 Dial and
(1) $1 +up Reward from PowerAde

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