Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blogger Users...Help!

First...Happy Easter!  Or Passover!

Second...I detest the new version of Blogger.  It's miserable.  I have tried it using both IE and Google Chrome and both are wretched.  You'd think GC would work considering Blogger is also Google.  But alas, they don't mix.

But I cannot post photos.

I can upload them just fine.  Well, fine-ish.  But that's another topic.  But when I hit publish, they are no longer in the post.  Just a big empty space.  If I got to edit them, I also see that empty space.  But clicking that space, I can tell they are there as the option to make them larger or smaller appears.  Just sans photo.

I have googled (eye roll) and I can tell many others are having this issue.  But so far I can't find a resolution.  Help.  I have three blogs and am at my witts end.  If I can't figure this out I will absolutely need to just stop blogging as it is beyond frustrating.  I can't spend this much time trying to upload a darn photo.

I also pretty much hate everything about the new format.  I think the space to type is much smaller if you can believe that possible.  For me, that writing space overlaps the tool bar so I can't easily use those options.  And spell check has yet to work.

So Google, in reveiw, your changes are making me miserable.  Awesome job there, killer!


Erin said...

I had the same problem w/ photos the first day - it was just an empty space but I left it and then a few minutes later the photo was there...I'm not a fan of the new blogger either - the spot to tag posts is all the way over on the right side now and I keep forgetting to tag them! Hope your photo issues get resolved...

Sheila said...

I use Firefox and don't have any issues. HTH.