Monday, April 9, 2012

Bounty Of Bread

My dad loves Oat Nut bread.  And if you are not from Upstate NY, I am not sure you will have even heard of it.  But Price Chopper never includes Oat Nut in their buy one get two free Friehoffers quarterly sales any more.  Have you noticed that?  Anyway, enter the Hostess outlet store. 

Yes, Feiehoffers has an outlet too.  But I never drive past it and refuse to make a special trip for bread for dad.

It's hit or miss at an outlet shop though.  They get deliveries daily.  But you just never know what they will have in stock each day.  So when I find the beloved Oat Nut, I stock up and stick them in the freezer.

Well I just SCORED big time.  I bought six loaves but they had at least six more.  And I would have bought them too but I knew I didn't have the freezer space for it. 

Something that makes me giggle is that every so often, after I pay, the cashier will tell me to take a free box of whatever is on the end cap.  Today my choices were chocolate Twinkies or those coffee cake things.  Since dad will likely eat the coffee cake things and I have never met a living soul who would touch a Twinkie (seriously...does anyone eat those icky things?), I drove away with a free box.

Do y'all frequent bread stores too? 

In the grocery store, each loaf runs around $3-4.  At the outlet, these were each just $1.69.  That's a heck of a deal!!

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