Sunday, April 8, 2012

Better Than Free At Rite Aid

I did awesome at Rite Aid on Saturday considering I barely got myself in the store for the first time in forever and still do not have my many months of coupons clipped.

There are two photos because I went to two stores (both totally on my way to other places so I did not at all go out of my way to shop). 

I picked up five Allegra Allergy boxes and 12 Snickers Eggs at the first store.  I didn't realize however that the Allegra were on sale.  So I couldn't use all of my Snickers coupons.  Not an issue but just had to note that the Allegra were actually MONEY MAKERS.  Which is completely awesome as I am having horrible allergies lately.  So timely.

At the second store, I used the rest of my Snickers coupons, my two remaining Allegra coupons, Tums and picked up a gallon of milk with some of the excess.

As these deals are over, I will just tell you the general results.  I am at Silver status with Rite Aid Rewards right now so I get 10% off non-sale prices.

Total value purchased ... $68.71
Paid out of pocket ... $2.91
Percentage saved ... 96%

Again, I recognize that I could have actually done better.  But for my three seconds of planning and forgetting that I had Silver status and not paying attention to sales, I'd say I did pretty great.  I walked away with nearly $50 in free, frequently-used allergy medicine alone. 

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