Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Better Than A Coupon...FREE Furniture

Now this is not an every day thing for me, but I'd say I find and keep about one nice piece of free furniture every or every other year.  I just keep my eyes open while walking the dog and driving around town.  And once in a pays off big time.

The other day, I found this gem of a table tossed out by my neighbor's trash in the back ally.  Laying on it's side in the rain.  I saw it as I left and an hour later when I returned, it was still there.  Calling my name.  And drying nicely in the sunshine.

This is a terrible photo of it drying with both leaves out.  But the table is in excellent condition and looks to date back at least 100 years- possibly even 150 years.

A great condition antique side table. 

For FREE. 

Keep those peepers open, my thrifty friends!  You just never know when you might find a fun little free treasure.

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