Monday, August 8, 2011

Coupon: Canadian Bacon

When I tell people that I am a crazy couponer, they often roll their eyes and say that they are not because there are never coupons for fresh produce or meat.  But those of us who coupon weekly know that to be false.  Oh sure, fresh produce coupons are perhaps not as available as a box of cereal coupon.  But they are out there.  And even if they are not, when I don't have to pay for things like deodorant, body soaps, toothpaste, shave cream, and get huge huge discounts at grocery stores, I can certainly afford to buy an extra bag of fresh produce.

But today is an example of a great high-value meat coupon.  And things like this freeze great so if you find a sale, buy several and then just pop them in the freezer. 

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