Saturday, August 20, 2011

Organic Produce, Dairy, Gluten Free Bread and More at Price Chopper

I'm not giving the breakdown of my trip because the sales change in a few hours.  I did this in 5 transactions though.  I RARELY do that.  Typically two is my max.  But it was like after 8PM on a Saturday night so the store was very empty.  I knew I could get away with it.  I was really just trying to get the biggest bang for my double coupons. 

But a few highlights...

* Land-o-lakes Cinnamon Butter Spread.  Reg. $2.59, sale $2.
But on the very door of the case were two pads of coupons for $0.75/1.  Doubled, they were just $0.50 each!  I would never normally buy this kind of thing.  I am a butter and only butter kind of girl.  And use it mostly for baking.  But figured this would be yummy on breads and muffins as a treat.  Remember that butter freezes well.

* Olivia's Organic greens.  Reg. $3.99.
But there was a pad of coupons sitting just to the left for $1/1.  I used the PC $1 doubler coupon and it was just $1.99!  Not bad for a big box of organic greens!

* Lays Chips.  Reg. $3.49, sale $3.
But there were several pads of coupons right there for $1/2.  Using the PC $1 doubler coupon, they were just $2/each!  I know that's not the best price but it's still pretty good.

* Bailey's Creamer.  Reg. $2.69.
I had a $1/1 coupon and used the PC $1 doubler.  So they were just $0.69/each!  Now that is actually a fantastic price if I do say so myself!

Items purchased...
(3) Bailey's Creamer
(3) Cliff Mojo Bars
(1) Oliva's Organic Greens
(1) Dole Fruit Bites
(4) Lays Kettle Chips
(2) Philly's Swirl Pops
(2) Udi's Gluten Free Bread
(1) Price Chopper frozen broccoli
(1) Gallon milk
(1) Price Chopper butter
(4) Land-o-lakes Cinnamon butter
(3) Activia French yogurt
(3) Activia Greek yogurt
(1) Florida's Natural orange juice
(1) Mariani Appricots
(2) Boneless Pork Chops 4 pack
(1) Bananas 2.65 lb
(1) Nectarines 3.21 lb

Total value purchased ... $99.34
Paid out of pocket ... $54.38
Percentage saved ... 45%

But the lesson I want to point out is highlighted by the greens, cinnamon butter and chips.  Keep your eyes open for coupons floating around the store!  I saved $6 tonight from those coupons (plus the doubler) alone!  And that included organic produce.  Something non-couponers claim to never offer coupons. 

Before I started couponing in January, I rarely noticed pads of coupons.  Now I am like a hawk and can spot them a mile away.  Those are gold mines, my thrifty friends! 

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