Monday, August 1, 2011

FREE Cascade, Degree Deodorant and Tide Laundry Detergent

Well I am STILL waiting for my Sunday paper to be delivered.  Last week it took me until Wednesday.  This week...well we'll just have to see.  Times Union...I seriously do not understand you!  You still make it nearly impossible for anyone without a 518 phone number to subscribe and then you rarely deliver the service I've already paid for. 

But for those of you lucky enough to get your Sunday paper on an actual Sunday, there are some great deals at Walmart this week!

The P&G set of coupons contains a $1/1 coupon for Tide detergent (any size), Cascade (any size) and Degree deodorant (any size).

Pick up the travel size (single use) pack of Tide detergent, travel size Degree deodorant and trial size 3-pack of Cascade dishwasher tabs for FREE!

I've never actually seen the Cascade 3-packs in person- just on blogs.  Has anyone else in the Cap Region spotted them? 


Heather said...

Yes, I found the Cascade 3 pks at the Walmart in Clifton Park yesterday. Geez, hope you get your paper soon.. I would not be happy about that. I've called cs numerous times re: billing inquiries and it takes them at least one week to return my calls :(

Richard said...

Looks like Rite Aid will have degree on sale for 2/$4 with $2 UPR next week. If you have two of the degree coupons, you could get two regular size for effectively free.

Richard said...

Looks like Rite Aid will have degree on sale 2/$4 with $2UPR. If you have two of these coupons, you could get two regular size degree for effectively free.

Erin said...

The cascade 3 packs are in the aisle w/ dishsoap. I took my awhile to figure that out, lol. My store was out of them yesterday though. Did you know the Walmart in Wilton will double coupons if you ask? I was a pretty simple process. Maybe they will in Clifton Park too.