Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cheap Vegetables At Price Chopper

I LOVE this deal and just hope I can find time to get my fanny over to Price Chopper to stock up this week.  Frozen veggies are as low as $0.17/bag!!  These are so ideal to have on hand at all times!  Mmmm!  Sadly, I am crazy and this excites me more than the free Oreos.  Don't take away my girl card when I tell you that even just the smell of Oreos grosses me out.  I know...I'm crazy.

print coupon here

(3) Birds Eye Frozen Veggies  $1/bag
-(1) $1/3 Birds Eye Frozen Veggies 3/4 RP
-(1) Doubler coupon
-(1) $0.50/1 PC Facebook coupon
= $0.50/3 or just $0.17/each!

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