Saturday, March 31, 2012

More Eggs And Cheese

I had a few more coupons I wanted to use this week and popped into Price Chopper again.  More eggs.  And let me be honest, I printed two more coupons on my dad's computer and plan to stop in tomorrow for four more dozen eggs.  At $0.44/dozen that is just crazy to not buy.   I can always freeze them if I don't think I will use them in time.  But that's a last resort because while eggs freeze well, they also have a crazy long shelf life so should be fine in the fridge for quite a while.

The pizzas are 2/$9.  I had two print coupons for $0.75/1.  Bring the price down to just $3/pizza.

The cheese was a great deal this week too.  I popped all of these in the freezer already.  Including the yummy herb feta.  This flavor is a rock star in omelets, y'all!  Mmmm!!

The catalina machine however, was my stumbling block.  As you know, it should have given me a free Coke product coupon with the Pepsi (free with coupon) purchase.  But it turns out the machine had a paper jam.  I waited in the longest line ever for customer service (because of the lottery sales) to ask what could be done.  The nicest gal ever gave me a rain check for a free coke.  I thought that was incredibly nice of her considering it was a catalina issue.  So thanks Price Chopper!

My Price Chopper deals are explained in full here.

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