Saturday, March 31, 2012

When Block Cheese Is On Sale...

I bought a LOT of block cheese on sale at Price Chopper this week.  However, I rarely use chunks or slices of cheese.  Especially this sort of more processed cheese.  (That's not me being snotty- or maybe it is but not on purpose- just keeping it honest.)  I really only use it shredded.  In casseroles, pizzas, Mexican, etc.

And while this might be stating the obvious for some, I don't doubt it will be a mini ah-ha for others.  So I am sharing.

You can just shred your own cheese in about 30 seconds with a food processor.

Even if you don't have a food processor but instead have a grater, you're not going to spend more than a few minutes per block of cheese.  It's really so fast and simple.

My only advice is that if using softer cheese (these are softer), pop them in the freezer for 20 minutes first.  It's not an absolute but they tend to gunk up (y'all are loving my technical terms, right?) on the blade of the processor.  But that's certainly not the end of the world.  Just roll with it.  I mean, it's cheese.  That you are likely going to melt into something eventually.  Who cares?!

Stick the grater blade in your processor and you are 30 seconds away from your goal.

Oh I do have another tip.  Measure out your cheese and mark your baggies.  As you can see, after the cheese I needed to use that night, I had enough to put two cups in one baggie and one and a half cups in a second baggie.  I tossed them both in the freezer for future use.

Easy peasy orange cheesy!

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