Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Great Grocery Deals At Price Chopper

I am s l o w l y getting my rear back in gear when it comes to coupon blogging.  My issue is not seeking out the deals.  It comes down to two things.  First is that I have not clipped coupons in nearly TWO MONTHS.  Not even kidding.  And second is because I have had zero extra time to clip or blog.

But my plate has a wee bit of free space right now and I am using my time wisely to get back in the groove.

Starting with some GREAT grocery deals at Price Chopper this week....

Transaction #1 Purchased...

(2) Dozen Price Chopper Large Eggs  reg. $1.99, sale $0.99
- (1) $0.50/2 Facebook print coupon
= Out Of Pocket $0.49/each when you buy (2)
saved: 75%

(1) Pepsi Next  reg. $1.67, sale $1
- FREE Pepsi Next Price Chopper coupon
= OOP $0*
saved: 100%

(1) Athentos Feta Cup 6oz  reg.$4.49, sale $2.25
- (1) $0.75/1 FB print coupon
= OOP $0.75
saved: 85%

Green Peppers  reg. $2.99/lb, sale $2,49/lb
- Price Chopper FB coupon $0.99/lb
saved: 67%

(1) Johnsonville Sausage  reg. $5.49
- Price Chopper FB coupon $2.99
- $1/1 SS 3/11
= OOP $1.99
saved: 64%

(1) Minute Maid Pure Squeezed Orange Juice 59 oz.  reg. $3.29, sale $2.50
- $0.75/1 print coupon (no longer available)
= OOP $1
saved: 70%

(1) Breyers Ice Cream  reg. $4.99, sale $2.49
=OOP $2.49
saved: 50%

(2) Heluva Good Cheese 8oz  reg. $2.99, sale $2
- (1) $1/2 SS 3/25
=OOP $1.50/ea wyb (2)
saved: 50%

*Purchasing the Pepsi 2L triggers a catalina for a FREE (up to $1.25) 2L of Coke!

Transaction #2 Purchased:

(1) Pepsi Next  reg. $1.67, sale $1
=OOP $1**
saved: 40%

(1) Coke Zero  reg. $1.99, sale $1.66
- (1) FREE Coke Zero catalina from Trans #1
= OOP $0 (the cashier had trouble and just subtracted the total paid but looking at my receipt a day later,  I realize it should have only deducted $1.25)
saved: 100%

** I purchased another Pepsi Next for a few reasons.  First, because I don't like when my total ends up at zero at Price Chopper.  It requires a manager to come over and when busy, that can take forever.  It just creates chaos.  Second, I go to a lot of meetings.  Even if I don't use the Pepsi, there will be plenty of meetings form my various groups when I need to bring a drink.  Good to have on hand.  Third, with it being on sale for just $1, it's one of the cheapest things in the store this week.  And last, because I wanted to see if it would trigger another catalina for a free Coke.  It did!

Now I didn't use a Free coupon in my second trans because you need to purchase a min of $15 to use it.  I didn't have time or energy to work that many transactions out.  But for a buck, I earned a cat for a free Coke,  my drug of choice, truth be told!

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