Friday, June 8, 2012

Organic Blueberries Coupon

The comment that annoys me the most when I tell people that I use coupons is "they don't make coupons for foods I buy...I like to buy veggies and organic and not Pop are only for cereal and sugar foods."

That just really gets in my craw, y'all! 

Because it's all totally untrue. 

Oh sure, there are more coupons for cereals than organic produce.  But the fresh food coupons do very much exist.  You just have to look.  Not very hard, but you do have to look a little.

This week alone I have posted several coupons for fresh meat and fruits. 

And I don't buy Pop Tarts.  Not that anything is wrong if you do.  I just don't.  Even as a kid, I never understood their draw. 

Just go here to print the above coupon for $0.75/1 Earthbound Organic Farms blueberries.  If you use it at a store that doubles, such as Price Chopper or Shop Rite, it turns into $1.50/1.  THAT is a great coupon deal!

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Cape May Couponing said...

Amen to this.

I don't necessarily do organic but I stick to fresh food. (I do use frozen food.) I like to prepare my food from scratch. I do keep some prepared foods on hand like frozen pizza, Hot Pockets, and cereal for my teenage son for snack on but if I had my druthers he wouldn't eat it at all.

My point is that I use tons of coupons without buying Pop Tarts...