Saturday, June 30, 2012

Three Free Samples: Buds Organic Skin and Hair Care For Kids

Click to request THREE free samples of Bud's Organic Skin and Hair Care for Kids. 

I've never heard of this company but their graphics are adorable (also the way I pick out wine, by the way!) and love that they want to provide green and clean care for kiddos.  Seeing as I wear baby lotion (oh the purple Johnson's bottle is like crack....I wear that ever night before relaxing) and baby sunscreen (my practically albino skin is all about SPF 50+...don't judge as I will be pretty when 60 and others will be a hot mess-o-leathery-wrinkles) and baby food (those squeeze tubes of apple sauce are completely awesome when on the go I have recently discovered), I have a feeling I might just love using Bud's on myself. 

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