Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cookie Coupon Karma

What is cookie coupon karma, you ask?  Well let me explain.

Nestle Toll House break and bake cookies are on sale this week at Price Chopper.  The deal goes like this...

Nestle Toll House break and bake cookies  reg. $2.99, sale $2.50
- (1) $0.75/1 coupon
= OOP $1

These are really nice to have in the freezer at such a ridiculously low price.  I can't buy the ingredients for that price.  It's just great to have a back up plan for meetings and friends in need of a cookie.

So back to my story...

I had five coupons.  But I could only use four per transaction.  I planned to go use the last coupon on Saturday.  However, my very favorite cashier was once again completely angelic and sweet to me and my stack-o-coupons.  She is just a doll.  And I remembered that the last time I was there she told me about how busy she is as a momma to a toddler. 

Toddlers like cookies.  Tired mommas love cookies. see where this is going, right? 

I gave her my fifth coupon. 

It was of course a tiny gesture.  But I explained the deal and she was so sweet about it.  I know she'll use that coup.

Oh and I also gave away a coupon to a woman for carrots.  You would have thought I gave her a carrot farm, y'all.  I'm guessing she was having a down week because she said "so there ARE nice people in the world- thank you SOOO much!"  Sheesh...all from a carrot coupon.

And that my friends is how you earn yourself a little coupon karma.  Or just bring a smile to two fellow shoppers when you are having a rather down week yourself.

Couponing is awesome.  Sharing is so totally awesomer, yo!!

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