Sunday, September 2, 2012

Target Trip. Cashier Fail, Rude Lady Behind Me, But I Still Got Deals!

I had a less than positive experience checking out at Target yesterday.

First, the cashier moved.  Like.  A.  Turtle.  Oh it was just painful.  Epic fail on my part in choosing a cashier.

Second, the cashier was beside herself thrown off when I cheerfully said I had coupons.  Like...she didn't know where to turn.  So I hand her coupons one by one.  I don't care what cashiers think they have the right to do.  Coupons are cash and I am going to hand it over in a way that makes me comfortable.  So when we get to our third coupon she decides to read the coupon like 17 times because there is just no way I should be able to use this many coupons.  Never mind that I have a pile still in my hand.

She asks if she can call a manager over.

Knock yourself out sister.  I know the coupon policy like the back of my hand.  And if stores would wise up and just train cashiers, things like this would move much faster.

Manager was like, did the system beep.  No.  Then what's the problem. 

So nervous nelly begrudgingly scans that third coupon and tells me my total.  As I am saying over and over that I have more coupons.

Oh.  She is not happy.  Like I am really just ruining her day.  I was cheerful as all get out.  Like the sun was shining over my head.  And I was having the WORST personal day.  So the fact that I was sunshine and roses to your doom and gloom should tell you something.

So I am apologizing to the woman behind me in line. 

Which is dumb because I was doing nothing wrong.  I had my coupons in order.  I was ready.  I was handing them to the cashier.  But the cashier was moving.  Like.  A.  Turtle.

This was her fault, not mine.

Well now woman in line is making faces at me.  And says...."it's like you want everything for free."

My reply was that coupons were cash.

She made a nasty face at me.

I turned my back to her and went on being sunshine to turtle nervous nelly cashier.  Then after I paid, I lingered fumbling through my purse.  I don't know why.  But I guess after the morning I just had, I wanted to halt that rude woman behind me from saying shit about me.

I eventually went to my car.  Looked at the receipt.  To find out the cashier charged me for five bags of candy.  Which of course was not the end of the world but I really do wish stores would train cashiers better.  She clearly has no clue about store policies or how to manage transactions.  I don't fault her.  I fault the management. 

Then of course on the drive home, I thought of a million snappy things I could have said to the nasty customer behind me in line.  My life is one giant You've Got Mail moment.

Joke's on her though because in the end, the candy was all free.  And the rest, well I think I did pretty well.

Total value purchased ... $22.86
Paid out of pocket ... $7.46
Percentage saved ...67%

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