Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lobstah Mobstah

Oh me, oh my!  I had THE BEST dinner on Saturday night. 

Fresh lobster with clarified butter, corn on the cob from the farmer's market, Caresse salad and Brussels sprouts.

NOT my typical meal.  Very rare, actually.

But in the end, I spent less on this meal than I would at McDonald's.

I finally found a beer rebate, y'all!  Ahhhh!  Can you hear the choirs of angels?  No?  Well that's probably because they don't sing for beer rebates.  But still...I was excited.

Stuck right to the Blue Moon case of beer was this fine little gem.  No beer purchase required.  Simply purchase $12 or more worth of seafood and you can get a rebate for $10.

I purchased two lobsters that were just a tad over 1 lb each.  Totaling $13.78.  I will get a rebate of $10.  Do the math.  That's 2.25 lbs of fresh, live lobsters for just $3.78.  Crazy!

So most of these days are over but for the record, here's the grand total for what I purchased on Saturday at Price Chopper.

Total value purchased ... $34.27
Paid out of pocket ... $16.31
Percentage saved ... 52%
Rebate expected ... $10
Total paid after rebate ... $6.31

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