Sunday, September 2, 2012

I Rocked Rite Aid

Sorry these are late but I didn't have time to shop until Saturday afternoon.  And so...things are just being posted now.  But I like to look back to see how I did on deals from time to time so I just post them anyway.

I should note that that I have hardly shopped at drug stores this year.  As in, the entire 2012 year.  You see, I did almost too good of a job stocking up last year.  Because I still have a year's supply (or close to it) of body wash, razors, deodorant, shave gel, and several other items.  I have at least a year's supply of laundry detergent.  And dishwasher tabs. 

Because I have plenty (and this doesn't include the boxes I have donated) and have very limited storage space, I just didn't see a need to re-stock until my supply ran lower. 

So I've not shopped my drug store deals much at all this year.  Which is fine.  But I will also lose my Rite Aid silver status next year. 

Win some, lose some. 

Also, I do not like their new coupon/reward card/+up Rewards system.  Way too confusing. 

But back to my shopping trip.

Total value purchased ... $19.12
Paid out of pocket ... $1.64
Percentage saved ... 91%
Earned ... (2) $1 +up Rewards

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