Friday, July 27, 2012

30 Free My Coke Rewards

Do you participate in My Coke Rewards?  If not, you totally should!  If you look on the bottle caps or multi-pack boxes of Coke products, you will find a code in the form of numbers and letters.  You simply enter that code into your account at My Coke Rewards and then you are able to spend those points on fun items.  You can buy all sorts of t-shirts but why on earth would you do that?  I save mine to get coupons for free Coke bottles and free 12-packs. 

Today there are three coupons for 10 points each!  That's crazy unheard of!!  You can get a coupon for the Spicy McChicken Bites at McDonald's for just 40 points.  So if you add in a code from a 12-pack, you are there baby!

Try using these codes to earn 10 points each.  I have no idea when they will stop working so be aware that you might want to act fast. 



JulesTX said...

THANKS ! - Just tried the codes and they still worked.

adam deals36 said...

Yey. This is cool. I did try and it works. Thanks a bunch.