Monday, July 30, 2012

John Frieda Deal At Target Last Week

I didn't get a chance to post this last Saturday but wanted to post anyway.  I don't think this deal is still available at Target but if you know differently, please share!

(1) John Frieda Shampoo  $4.99
(1) John Frieda Conditioner  $4.99
(1) John Frieda Precision Foam Colour  $11.49
(1) John Frieda Sample Size Conditioner  $1.49

- (2) $1/1 John Frieda product  SS 6/10
- (1) $2/1 John Frieda colour product SS 6/10
- (1) $10/1 John Frieda colour product when you buy BOTH full size shampoo and conditioner Target mobile coupon
- (1) free sample size product when you buy Precision foam colour

= OOP $7.47

Total value purchased ... $22.96
Paid out of pocket ... $7.47
Percentage saved ... 67%

** Now as a couponer, I have learned to be very flexible with products.  I use most laundry detergents even though for a lifetime I thought the only thing I could ever use was Tide.  And guess what?  My super sensitive skin is fine and my clothes are just as clean!  But even I have a few exceptions.  There are two hair colors I like- one being John Frieda.  And the ONLY conditioner I use now is John Frieda.  It is hands down the BEST conditioner I have ever used.  Silky soft and fabulous!  

So this was a very exciting deal for me.  And worth posting to show that even with coupons, you can save a lot on your favorite products.

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