Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Free Cortaid At CVS

I finally found Cortaid!

For those who have not yet been to CVS this week, make sure you scan your card at the magic red machine.  And my tip is to scan until it tells you "No More Coupons."  On Sunday I scanned, got coupons, scanned a second time, got coupons, scanned a third time, got one coupon and scanned a fourth time when I was told No More Coupons.  Yup...sometimes you get that many coupons.  Then again, a few weeks ago, I got zero coupons.  You just never know.

But the point is that most are reporting that CVS is giving them a coupon for FREE Cortaid up to $5.99 value.

It took me two days and two stores but I found it yesterday.  Yay!  This seems like a good product to have on hand during gardening season, just in case.

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