Sunday, July 8, 2012

Free Baby Formula And Tylenol Make A Great Donation To Those In Need

Oh how I love to get free and cheap baby formula!

Similac Advanced was marked down to $5/each.  And wouldn't you know, I had a bunch of $5 coupons.  Hello FREE formula!

The Gerber was marked down to $13.  I had a $10 coupon.  So just $3!

Tylenol Precise was marked down to just $3, normally $7.99 (I think).  I had seven (had to do this in two transactions) $3 coupons.  All for FREE.

Cherries were not on sale but I wanted a snack.  :)

And minus my snack-o-cherries, this will all be donated to those in need. 

For the donation of formula and Tylenol...

Total value purchased ... $97.93
Paid out of pocket ... $3
Percentage saved ... 97%
Warm fuzzies in my heart ... Priceless!

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