Friday, June 24, 2011

All For FREE At Walgreens

So I ran up to Walgreens ready to get four Suave lotions.  But of course they were sold out already.  I mean, do people get there at the crack of dawn on Sundays?  The coupon I planned to use expired on Sunday so that deal was out.  But I am headed out of town for a week and needed to use $8.99 in Register Rewards as they would expire before I got back to town.

So I wandered around without a plan.  Really, the only thing I wanted was the lotion.  But every the good couponer, I had my binder and a flexible attitude on hand.  One can never go wrong with more toilet paper, right?  And I was nearly out of baby wipes.  I don't have a baby but I use them to remove my make-up nightly.  My theory is that if they are good enough for a cute baby butt, they are good enough for my face!

I also still had a rain check from over a month ago for those sandwiches.  The sale then was buy two for (I think) $3, and earn a $1 Register Reward.  So the rain check was written as 2/$2.  Ooooh I like rain checks!  Because that meant that they were each to ring up as just $1.  And I had a slew of coupons for $1/1.  Making them absolutely FREE. 

I also have a little Walgreen gift card because a $10 RR from a few weeks ago failed to print.  So the manager just gave it to me in a gift card.  Which worked out amazingly well for me because it meant that essentially a RR would be able to cover my tax.  I know, this was so my lucky ducky Wags moment!

Purchased ...
(2) Charmin Basic 6 ct toilet paper 
(1) Huggies Natural baby wipes refill 
(6) Oscar Mayer Sub Sandwich  reg. $3-4?? , rain check sale $1
(1) caramel *filler*  reg $0.39

Minus ...
-(1) $1/2 Charmin toilet paper
-(6) $1/1 Oscar Mayer sandwich
-$8.99 Register Rewards

OK so I am out of town and forgot to fill in these numbers before I left.  But the bottom line is that I didn't pay anything out of pocket.  I did put about $4 on the Wags gift card (was actually a RR that never printed) though. 

Let this be a reminder not to sweat the small stuff when a deal is out of stock or a register reward neglects to print.  Just get a rain check and (hopefully) a gift card and go back later.  Both actually worked out much more in my favor this way!

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