Saturday, June 25, 2011

Walgreens Managers Coming Around To Coupons

So I have mentioned on here many times that Walgreens is not my happy place.  And how I have coupon drama every stinkin' time I am in there.  And how the managers don't know their own coupon policies and don't like coupon users.

But in all fairness, I feel I should give some credit to my Walgreens store managers.  I don't know if they have more coupon users and are in general more patient or if they just recognize me personally and know I am harmless but a whippersnapper when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of each store's coupon policy.  Either way, the manager who used to give me the most trouble is actually really nice to me now.  It's a very surprising shift in tides.

Now don't get the impression that I am not still totally struggling with coupons there.  Those damn beeping cash registers!  Oh and how annoying is it when the store Register Rewards don't scan?  That happens to me at Rite Aid regularly too.  Actually a few months ago when that happened at Rite Aid, the cashier told me that if it didn't scan she couldn't take it.  I asked her to type in the numbers and she said no, it had to scan.  So I said (after looking over my shoulder at the 4 angry customers in line behind me) that I had all day and would stand there until it scanned.  As it was printed at that very store, there was no excuse for it not to scan.  Girl typed in the numbers and what do you worked! 

Anyway, there are still always issues.  AND the minute said issues pop up, there will suddenly be 30 people in line behind me.  Seriously, how does that happen every time at Walgreens?

But I do want to credit the managers and even the regular cashiers at Wags.  They have been so much nicer to and my stack of coupons lately.

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Erin said...

Way to stand your ground! :-) I hate when Rite Aid's UP's don't scan. It's their own store's coupon! The same thing happens to me sometimes w/ people behind me - the store may be deserted but suddenly it's mobbed and of course that 's when something won't