Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quick Rite Aid Run

I really just am not overly enamored by any of the deals this week.  I think that's in part because I have been couponing for six and a half months now.  So I have quite a bit of stock built up.  I need for very few items.  I am well stocked on hair, bath, body and cleaning supplies.  Minus fresh fruit and veggies, I could easily eat what's in my home for several weeks.  Oh sure, it might not be what I am craving at that moment.  But I have either the supplies to make food or foods themselves to eat well.  My point is that I am in a place where I can afford to not snag every deal.  And this is a very nice place to be in, my friends!

But I did want to take advantage of two money maker deals at Rite Aid this week.  I've been wanting to try the Fat Foam for months now.  I've not colored my own hair in a decade.  And I actually just had it done a few weeks ago so I will not be trying it right now either.  But as this was a money maker, I figured I would buy it now and use it later when I am finally brave enough to do my own hair coloring.  And like everyone else, I need toothpaste like I need a hole in the head.  But I think the little tuby thingy is good for traveling.  Plus, it's a money maker!  I also had several +up Rewards that I needed to use before they expired.

Oh and I am still not getting surveys at the end of my receipts!  Are y'all?  I'm rather frustrated that I have not received one in close to two months.  What's up with that??

Purchased ...
(1) Fat Foam  reg. $9.99, sale $8.99
(1) Colgate toothpaste  reg. $3.79, sale $2.99
(2) Reese's  reg. $1.89, sale $1
(2) Twizzlers  reg. $1.89, sale $1

-(1) $5/1 Samy Fat Foam manu print coupon
-(1) $3/1 Samy Fat Foam RA VV print coupon
-(1) $0.75 Colgate
-(1) $0.50/2 Reese's RA VV print coupon
-(1) $1/2 Twizzlers RA VV print coupon
-(3) $1 +up Rewards

Total value purchased ... $23.04
Paid out of pocket ... $4.01
Percentage saved ... 83%
Earned ... (1) $5 +up from Fat Foam and (1) $2.99 +up from Colgate

Not my best trip but I wanted to get the Reese's as an extra for Father's Day and the Twizzlers for an upcoming trip.  But I used my +up Rewards before they expired and I have several to work with when I get back in town next week.

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