Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Year's Supply Of Dog Treats

My Sadie is going to be a very happy pup when she realizes that I've got her treat situation covered for a solid year.  Between the treats I picked up at Pet Smart and these from Kmart, she's all set.  And then some.  I'm actually adding several to my donate box.  No need to be greedy or hoarderish.

So this was my first time using coupons at Kmart.  I've attempted a few other times, but as is often the case (and totally was yesterday) at Walmart, they rarely have what I set out to purchase.  It also takes a list of several items for me to work up the motivation to go in there (like Walmart).  It's just icky inside my local store. 

But it was totally worth it.  Their Begin' Strips dog treats are on sale Buy One Get One FREE this week.  And my store had tons in stock.  I had five BOGO coupons.  Making them FREE plus tax.  As I was worried about using coupons in there (I've read some blog stories of folks not having great luck at their Kmart stores.), I also picked up two packs of Tic Tacs so that I was sure to have some sort of payment outside of tax coming my way.  I am not sure why I reasoned this to be necessary but I did.  In the end, it was hands down my best coupon transaction in terms of cashier knowledge and lack of beeps.  So I was worried for nothing.  I basically paid $0.09 for each box of Tic Tacs and then flat tax on the dog treats.  Nice!

(2) Tic Tacs  reg. $1.09
(10) Beggin' Strips  reg. $2.99, sale BOGO

-(2) $1/1 Tic Tac coupon
-(5) BOGO Beggin Strips coupon

Total value purchased ... $34.47
Paid out of pocket ... $1.38
Percentage saved ... 96%


Amy said...

GREAT JOB. There are a lot of dog deals out there. Stop by to LINK UP your savings.

Farrah Wright said...

Do you mind me asking where you found the BOGO coupon for the dog treats? Awesome deal!! Thanks for sharing! :)

Coupon Crocodile said...

Hi Farrah -

The coupons were from a Sunday paper- I believe in May. I sort my coupons in a binder so I don't always remember which week they are from but I am pretty sure those were from May.

Hope that helps!!