Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Price Chopper Coupon Policy : Double Coupons In The Capital Region

For those of us in the New York State Capital Region, big BIG news happened recently at our local Price Chopper stores.  We now have double coupons too!!  I am elated!  I mean, seriously, it's about damn time. 

There are some things to note though...

* 50% Rule.  This means that your coupons will only double up to half of your total bill.  After that they will be single face value.  Be sure to use your highest value coupons first so that those do in fact double.  Use your coupons valued higher than $0.99 last as they won't ever double.

* I've checked most of the Cap Region cities and it looks like we all have doubles up to $0.99.  So $1 does not become $2.  But $0.75 does become $1.50.

You can print out your new coupon policy here.  Be sure to keep it with you every time you shop!

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