Sunday, September 18, 2011

Better Late Than Never

Aaaah the week got away from me and I never got around to showing these deals in hopes that y'all could go do the same.  Sorry. 

But I made my first ever purchase from Dollar General last week.  I went in the store one other time but never found what I was looking for and left.  I read on another blog that these smaller bottles of the Nivea body wash were unmarked but on sale for just $2.  I had six $2/1 coupons left and figured it was worth a shot as I was near there anyway.

The were not marked on sale at my store- regular price was $2.50 so they would be cheap even without the sale.  But I did a trusty price check and it turns out, they were ringing up at just $2.  Yay!  I'd read a few blogs over the year saying that DG gives you issues if your total is $0.  Not wanting to deal with that possibility, I picked up the snack pack of peanut butter, something I will always eat, for just $1.  Not too shabby!  And again, even at full price, these bottles would only run you $0.50 after the coupon.  My store had a bunch but only in this one scent (which I really like so it all worked out peachy for me).

Next I ran across the street to Rite Aid.  Cold and Flu season is around the corner.  I used $2 +up RR in addition to coupons, paid about $2 out of pocket and earned another $2 in +up RR.  I actually consider them to be $1 each as I don't factor in Reward bucks until I use them.  But that's still an awesome price.  The Triaminic went into my donation box.  I don't often pay for what goes in there but figured it was a great price and something that is rarely afforded by mommas shopping at a food pantry.

And finally, I popped into Price Chopper for a few things.  I only took this one photo though because I am never in that mindset when putting food away.  The peanut butter was totally FREE though!  And tastes delish with my inexpensive (thanks to a PC store coupon) bag of apples.  Don't you agree that things taste better when you pick them up for FREE?  Mmmm!

I will try to do a much better job of sharing deals and shopping trips this week.  It's my first week in forever without a zillion evening meetings so it might actually happen!

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