Saturday, September 24, 2011

FREE Toothpaste and FREE Toothbrushes At Target

This was an awesome deal at Target that I finally got around to doing today.  The check out girl was less than impressed with savings but whatever.  I must be the only couponer around who rarely scores deals toothbrushes.  So I was extra excited to get these two today. 

However as I sit here and look at my receipt, I realize the gal only used three of the four coupons I gave her.  I knew I overpaid.  Drats!  I still got them for free but I didn't get the overage to use on other things purchased.  Bummer.  Let this be a lesson to pay attention, y'all!

The Crest and Oral B toothbrushes have a deal going where the toothbrush is FREE if you buy the toothpaste.  Your mileage may vary from store to store and even cashier to cashier but you should be able to use a $2/1  Crest Complete Toothpaste or Oral B toothbrush coupon (possibly regional) from the 9/11 SS. 

Crest Complete Toothpaste sale price $2.99.
Oral B Toothbrush price $2.99 or Free after toothpaste purchase.

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