Thursday, September 1, 2011

FREE Shopping With Coupons

Man alive, I love couponing!  I can't believe how much fun it can be when you put in a little time.  I very much treat it as a game.  Sort of a beat the store thing I have going in my head.  Hmmm...that sounds a little crazier that it is in real life.  I really just mean to say that I don't take it as serious as others.  I don't flip out if a store runs out of an item (I just get a rain check and move on).  And I don't make special trips. 

But I happened to notice that a few of my coupons were expiring yesterday.  Actually, a neighbor who gives me her coupons was a few weeks behind.  So the coupons for the Tide and Cascade just came to me on Tuesday night and were expiring on Wednesday.  The Ball pectin was free with coupons and the jars were not free but I had coupons about to expire and I just really wanted the pretty shaped jars before they all disappear for the year. 

The dog treats ...I actually can't remember where I got that coupon.  I know it was sent to me.  Probably from one of the free things I post on here all the time.  The coupon was for a FREE bag of those dog treats.  Not a brand I was familar with but I am happy to give my fur baby something new.  As if she really needs more treats in her life though- ha.  It was funny because the print on the coupon was microscopic.  So I didn't notice the date until Tuesday evening.  Thankfully I planned to run over near PetSmart anyway so it all worked out.  But I also didn't notice the "not to exceed" price under the word FREE.  These free coupons are usually for items @$2.  This "not to exceed" price turned out to be the exact price of the bag of treats.  $9.99!  So I got that giant bag (not sure if you can see how large it is in the photo) for just tax, $0.80.  Talk about a high value coupon!

This turned into a very rambling post but my point is that with the exception of the Ball jars, everything in the above photos was free with coupons.  Not too shabby, my friends!

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Jayna Rae said...

I used that Cascade one the same way. I think that they printed it before they made the trial sizes since they weren't excluded. I counted it as a SCORE and put it in my donate pile. I try to put free stuff there where I can. I figure it is the best way to pass the blessing along.