Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Big CVS Money Maker

So everyone seems to be reporting that the magic red machine at CVS is giving them a coupon for a FREE box of either Ritz Crackerfuls or Newton Thin cookies.  Mine did too.  The problem is that the stores only received about 40 boxes total of those products. 

My store was out by the time I got there on Monday evening.  I sort of expected that.  I know that drugstores only have the ability to store just so many extra stock.  But I calmly walked to the front and asked if they might give me a rain check.  I personally think that CVS has the best rain check policy of any store.  But the sweet manager did me one better.  She said it was so dumb of the store to give out all those free coupons when she had no idea when more shipments of that item would again be in the store.  So instead of a rain check, she just took off an additional $2.50 (the value of the free coupon) from my purchase!

For me, this was actually a much better deal.  I never expected it but it worked so in my favor.  I can't even eat the two possible free items.  I would have given them to family or friends.  And for the record, I went to the Latham store over by the Lowes.

So this is what I did buy (they were actually out of several items so I left with more rain checks than items).  Four Air Wick I Motion Kits.  That's it.  According to my receipt, they originally sell for $10.49 before tax and were on sale for $4.99.  Ouch, that seems expensive to me!  Four items I won't use/keep actually.  They will all be given away.

Used ...
-(4) $4/1 Air Wick coupons 9/11 SS
-$2.50 from free offer

Total value purchased ... $45.32
Paid out of pocket ... $3.06
Percentage saved ... 93%
Earned ... $10 ECB!!

Which sounds great if I planned to use these things.  But I don't.  So I would not normally justify buying them, even at such a discount.  BUT.... I knew that if I purchased $20 worth of items, I would receive a $10 ECB.  So by spending a little over $3, I earned a $10 store funny money to use later.  This my friends, is a GREAT money maker deal!

Please remember that I include tax- because I have to pay it so I might as well be up front about what comes out of my piggy bank. 

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Richard said...

I know you don't eat them, but, for the record, Newton Thin cookies are awesome!