Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fun Target Deals

I found some fun deals at Target today!  The environmentally conscious side of me does gasp for air a little bit every time I bring home tiny bottles of things instead of big ones.  I will be the first to admit that while great for the piggy bank, doing this is cruddy for dear ole' Mother Earth.  But we all have to draw the line and I happen to draw it at free lotion vs. totally not free and rather pricey lotion.  So sorry Mother Earth.  I'll find other ways to make it up to you.

So the St.Ives lotion (travel size) is on a clearance mark down.  In the Latham store it was in the normal travel size aisle but they all had red clearance stickers on them.  On sale for just $0.67.  I used my $0.75/1 coupons making them BETTER THAN FREE!  I go through travel size bottles of lotion in my purse like nobody's business in the winter time.

Certain packs of Wet Ones are marked down.  As you can see, I accidentally grabbed one on sale and one not on sale.  But I was in a hurry so I didn't bother going back to return/re-buy.  Shout wipes are also marked down.  Again, both of these are in the travel section.  You can find coupons to print out at  HOWEVER...I highly recommend you go through Swagbucks (and certainly join if you have not already)!  It takes a few weeks but you get 10 points for every coupon you use via your Swagbucks account.  That's just easy money, y'all.

And last, Aquafresh.  Also in the travel section.  Regular price $0.97.  I had two print coupons (do not remember where they were from but quite possibly Swagbucks Coupons) and realized I also had a bunch of newspaper coupons all for $1/1.  No size restrictions.  I try to only buy toothpaste that is absolutely free out of pocket.  Can you believe we all used to pay full price for toothpaste?  Ha!  Of course this size is fabu for traveling but honestly, I will use whatever I have at home too.  Travel size toothpaste, travel size deodorant, travel size shaving cream, travel size laundry detergent, travel size anything that's free for me....  Love it all!

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